Alba Carrillo: sits in the Deluxe with many controversies to resolve


A tsunami with blonde hair is about to turn the television upside down, even more so. Your name, Alba Carrilloand the appointment this coming Saturday at 10:00 p.m. in the Deluxe. After several attempts, the former model has accepted the offer of the Telecinco prime time program to tell the whole truth of what happened in the last two weeks. She knows that she is more in the eye of the hurricane than ever after her night of passion with Jorge Pérez and the subsequent betrayal that both say they have suffered from the other.

Alba Carrillo in ‘Fiesta’ / Telecinco

Alba is determined to reaffirm everything she has told during these days on television: «The version that I have told is the reality of that night and I want to make it clear. Bea Jarrín and Cristina Porta intended to end the night with Jorge, but he wanted to be with me», He said before submitting to Conchita’s polygraph. And he warns: “Don’t miss the cop because I’m going to tell the whole truth (…) There are two versions and one will be put on the table tomorrow. What I can guarantee you is that it didn’t all start at Unicorn’s party.”.

As an aperitif for Saturday night, some of the controversial questions that you will have to answer have already come to light: “Do you have committed messages with Jorge Pérez?”, “Did Marta López encourage you to have relations with Jorge Pérez even though he was married?” and “Have you been fully intimate with Jorge?” The tension is cut with a knife and for sure Alba Carrillo will not have an easy night.

What will Alba Carrillo face?

Apart from reconstructing the steps she has taken since the whole scandal began at the party, Alba will position herself on how her relationship with Jorge Perez right now. The former Civil Guard has decided to remain silent and try to regain trust with his wife, Alicia Peña, who did not take two days to forgive him. Good words are not expected for him because she is deeply hurt by the behavior of her partner, who she considers that he has left her at the feet of the horses.

Alba Carrillo in 'Fiesta' / Telecinco
Alba Carrillo in ‘Fiesta’

Jorge and Alicia have told how they feel indirectly, through Isabel Rábago: «They are wrong. Disappointed, angry and feel alone. They do not understand that they return to the starting point when they have admitted disloyalty and they are in a moment of absolute defenselessness, “said the journalist. In addition, the couple has put the matter in the hands of her lawyers from the moment they made sure that Jorge and Alba had had sexual relations in a private home.

Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez, walking through Madrid.
Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez, walking through Madrid

As if that were not enough, Alba Carrillo could also answer what exactly happened at the party, where it has been said that the daughter of Lucía Pariente pushed the journalist Bea Jarrín. Diego Arrabal has recounted how it all went: “Bea approaches Alba and Jorge at the party to separate them and then Alba hit her with a strong push, which sends her to the other end of the bar,” says the paparazzi. Many controversies on the table and a story that will bring a tail.


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