Alba Carrillo: Fonsi Nieto sticks up for his ex-girlfriend


Alba Carrillo he tries to turn the page after performing his particular catharsis and telling the whole truth about his intimate encounter with Jorge Pérez and all the commotion that followed. Not even a week has passed since the company party where all the controversy broke out and the collaborator has been seen in another with a very special meaning. This December 2, fonsi grandson He is turning 44 and he wanted to celebrate it with an event organized by himself at the Kapital Theater in Madrid, where he gathered his circle of loved ones, including Alba, with whom he now has a good relationship after years in where there was tension between them.

Alba Carrillo, at an event / Gtres

Lucía Pariente’s daughter went to the mythical after living a most intense and exhausting Thursday on an emotional level. Alba vented in it’s already noon revealing details of his fooling around with the former Civil Guard that he had not yet told. Now we can say ‘sexual tension resolved. It was resolved. I will not go into details because these things are intimate. What is clear is that two people don’t kiss or go to bed if one doesn’t want to, when they are adults and they do it in freedom, “he said in the program in which he works. With the aim of forgetting everything, Alba Carrillo went to the mythical Madrid disco looking for escape and fun. And she started joking: “what a day I’ve had today”. She did not hesitate to speak wonders about the father of her son and wants us to tell her the nice things he has said about her to cheer her up, after the day he has had. Regarding the subject of Jorge, he explains what he thinks that they have taken the sofa to Save me.

On the other hand, she does not know if she will continue to be a friend of Alicia Peña’s husband. De Canales Rivera comments that she has a lot to say and that thanks to her she has made two Save me this week. The people of Toledo could tell many things. Given the good humor that characterizes her, when the press stationed at the door she was asked if she would dance to any song with Fonsi tonight, she assured: “yes, the one to dance close together,” she said jokingly. for now, He doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship with anyone.

Fonsi Nieto and his girlfriend Maider Barthe
Fonsi Nieto and his girlfriend Maider Barthe / Gtres

The other protagonist of the night was Fonsi Nieto. Smiling as never before, he posed next to his new partner, the Catalan journalist Maider Barthe. The nephew of the ill-fated Ángel Nieto was full of praise for Alba Carrillo: “She is a very important person in my life, we love each other very much, we have brutal respect for each other, she is an incredible mother, of which I am extremely proud and I have been very lucky to be able to have a child with her,” he said.

Jorge Perez affair
Alba Carrillo in ‘It’s noon’ / Telecinco

Fonsi did not hesitate to break a spear in favor of the mother of his son, when he is in the eye of the hurricane: «They have told me something but I do not say anything. She supports her, she is the mother of my son and I love her a lot » and stressed that “we have had our ups and downs, in the end the children bring out the best in you and it makes you reconsider many things and realize that both of us make mistakes.”


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