Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez: Did they end the night together?


The gruesome story between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez has not ended by far. The soap opera continues, this time fueled by one of the historical archenemies of Lucía Pariente’s daughter: Miguel Frigenti. The collaborator assured a few hours ago in Save me that the protagonists saw each other again once they left the nightclub where the party of the production company where they work was held.

Miguel Frigenti, in ‘Save me’ / Mediaset

Everyone is talking in the last hours of the skirmish between Mediaset workers and now new details are coming to light. Frigenti got off the hook, giving advice to Alicia Peña, Jorge’s wife: «What time did Jorge arrive? He made a stop, from what they tell me, at Marta López’s house where Alba Carrillo was sleeping ». The former contestant of Big Brother She did not want to confirm or deny anything when the program contacted her, but she made it clear that she would defend her friend Jorge when it was his turn to speak. Will it be this Wednesday in is it noon already?

In the corridors of the Fuencarral chain, nothing else is talked about. Marta López herself came to tell her friend directly that she had gotten out of hand fooling around with Alba Carrillo, with whom he had been having an overly complicit attitude for at least a year. The former Civil Guard has always stood firm in assuring that there has been “a mischievous relationship, but not sexual tension” between them, as well as that there was never a kiss, no matter how much he might seem from the images that appeared.

Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez, walking through Madrid / Gtres
Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez, walking through Madrid / Gtres

Miguel Frigenti has gone a little further: “What they tell me is that this heater had to be turned off and it was turned off, they put out the fire at Marta’s house.” Some explosive statements that would completely change the scenario of the plot that has become the talk not only on Telecinco but in society in general.

These days ago, Jorge Pérez has shown his repentance and has recognized that he had a lack of respect for his wife and mother of his four children. For her part, Alba Carrillo said in her first intervention after the scandal that “this is not a parallel relationship, neither is he in love with me nor I with him, it was just a moment in which two friends got confused ».

Jorge Perez and his wife
Jorge Pérez and his wife Alicia / Gtres

The third in question was the wife of Jorge Pérez, the main affected. Alicia Peña acknowledged that her heart was broken, but she made the decision to believe her husband and give him a second chance: “We are light, we are family, we are values ​​that the darkness, the wicked… those who do not have it, it hurts and this is what we have to pay for… I say this as a wife who does, who loves him, who loves him madly, and who has to work on forgiveness and the relationship with him, since everything is very recent right now , and there is great pain in my heart,” he wrote.


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