Akapo broke his metatarsal after calling Azar


Carlos Acapo had to break away in the 75th minute against real Madrid due to injury after a strong test from the side Eden Hazard.

in Cadiz defender was caught late dangerhigh boot and judge Antonio Mateu Laos showed the Belgian a yellow card for the incident.

Akapo was angered by the decision and took to social media after the match to show how the test had affected his right leg.

He also uploaded a picture of the x-ray and reported the extent of the injury he suffered.

“Thanks to those who were worried, I broke the second and third metatarsal bones” Akapo said.

“It’s time to recover and give it our all next weekend.”

Cadiz trainer Serge Gonzalez was talking about danger challenge in his post-match interview.

“[Akapo] he has a serious injury, it was a bad tackle,” he said.

“I don’t know if it was a red card or not.”


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