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Bad news for fans Aitana OkanahDue to health problems, the artist had to suspend some of her concerts. It was she herself who let people know what happened to her through a video posted on her Instagram profile. In tears, the translator of “You Want to Stay” also apologized for what happened. “Sorry for the length of the video, but I want to explain everything well. I hope you can forgive me, I hope it is documented, I always fight to the end to be able to hold a concert, but as far as health is concerned, This is no longer my ability… I feel sorry with all my heart“, he commented first.

“I don’t want to write a letter to make it so impersonal. At the beginning of September I got laryngitis, but the problem was that my vocal cords became inflamed. I had to cancel the concert and postpone other concerts,” the artist continued. The singer explained that she returned to Seville three weeks later, “My doctor, speech therapist…They told me I was not qualified to come back“, he commented vaguely. However, Aitana was ready and continued to perform. “Halfway through the concert, the vocal cords started to ache. When I ended, I couldn’t speak,” he said.

Aitana Ocaña shared a video on her Instagram profile, which revealed why she had to cancel several concerts. /Gtres

Former contestant Triumphant Action He called his doctor and they advised him to rest so that he could continue his trip the next day. “But today I woke up with almost no sound. I already warmed up and I couldn’t even do this. Hmm… Basically I have to cancel the Cadiz concert today. I feel bad about doing this because I Knowing that some people’s situation is worse, it’s just laryngitis, but unfortunately, I had to cancel some concerts”, he announced Can’t help but burst into tears.

Aitana Ocaña was forced to cancel some concerts due to complications of laryngitis.  /Gtres
Aitana Ocaña was forced to cancel some concerts due to complications of laryngitis. /Gtres

Later, Aitana expressed her concern about being labeled as irresponsible. “Every day I warm up and take care of my voice, and I am responsible for my work. This is what makes me happy. But the problem is that I can’t force this situation. I came to Sanlucard. Barrameda, I have been trying until the last moment, but it is impossible. Obviously I will continue to take care of myself, I will go to see a speech therapist. I hope this will not last, I insist that I know there are A thousand worse things…I have to improve my vocal level before I can return to the stage. I hope it will not be in a long time.” She has already been sentenced.

Unsurprisingly, many celebrities in the music industry did not hesitate to send him a message of emotion and power. “Good friend, you will get better soon,” Luis Fonci wrote. For his part, Andrés Ceballos from Dvicio Group also gave him encouragement. “Strength Aitana! Very encouraging,” he commented.

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