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Aisne: Firefighters save horse from falling into water! – Zimo News

Firefighters in Aisne (02) intervene to rescue a horse that fell into the Chigny stream (2/8/2022). After several hours of hard work, the animal was finally rescued.

“Every life counts,” like a reminder to soldiers on fire. In Chigny, and in Aisne, the firefighters did this again, rescuing a horse that fell into a stream and got into trouble on the night of 2-3 August 2022!

a device used to get troubled animals out

Thanks to strong mobilization, the animal was able to get out of this bad situation. ” All skills of Aisne Rescue Service are called to help animals in unfortunate positions on hot nightsTalk to the Communication Manager Aisne Department Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis02), contacted by Firefighters at Marly-Gomont Barracks provide first aid. As reinforcements, teams specializing in cleanup rescues and water rescuers released the animal and began raising it. “.

Although the owner of the animal in distress has ” Safety pull has been set “, from” the veterinarian The department accompanies firefighters in rescue operations and provides necessary care ”. After a few hours of hard work, This horse could have been rescued “. He is currently suffering from ” to ensure he recovers well after this difficult unfortunate event “.

Firefighters mobilized for animals

The owner of the horse has A sigh of relief and a big thank you for mobilizing a large number of firefighters to the rescue “This animal.” We are certainly related to fires, but in reality they represent only a small part of our mission.recalls Sdis 02. At the heart of our activities is the protection of people, property and the environment in emergencies: for us, therefore, every life counts “.

The Thirty Million Friends Foundation appreciates the firefighters who risked their lives to save people and animals. In the summer of 2022, they are especially mobilized in the event of (too many) affecting fires. french forest

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