Ahuja school kids apologize for macho shouting


Madrid (EFE).- The residents of the Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja in Madrid have apologized and expressed their regret for the sexist insults towards the students of the Santa Mónica residence, while promising to change their behavior.
Locals claim of the events over the past weekend, which have gone viral and are being investigated by the Madrid public prosecutor’s office, that it was all ‘a joke in bad taste that got out of control’.
In the statement issued this Saturday by the College Council of the Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja, and addressed to the schoolgirls of Santa Mónica, the residents present their regrets for their “acts” and also convey their apologies to the management of Santa Mónica, to the people who work in this school and, moreover, “in the institution that is our Colegio Mayor”.

“A joke in bad taste”

“What happened does not represent the values ​​and education that are taught in our center, which has always been exemplary, achieving the best for all of us who live and have lived the university stage in this residence.”

Facade of the Colegio Mayor Elías Ahuja in Madrid. EFE/Rodrigo Jiménez

“What was a tasteless joke has spiraled out of control. We realize that simple repentance is not enough, but we believe it is the first step we need to take,” the statement added.
“In addition, he continues, we will take responsibility for our actions. But it seems relevant to specify that not all the students participated, that they regret what they did and that we are all committed to changing our behavior and that of those around us.
The statement ends with this sentence: “It was never our intention to offend you because you know how much we appreciate you.”

The prosecution requests information from the police

The public prosecutor is already taking the first steps in the framework of the investigation opened to try to determine whether the sexist songs which in recent days have added many signs of rejection from various sectors of society could constitute a hate crime.
The investigation procedure that the prosecution has opened has its origin in a complaint filed yesterday, Thursday, by the Movement against Intolerance, with the aim of clarifying whether the students may have committed a crime related to the exercise of rights and fundamental freedoms.

Complutense University is also opening an investigation

The video, recorded on Sunday evening and going viral on the networks, shows how one of the residents – who has already been evicted – leans out of one of the windows of the residence hall and from there, shouting, insulting the students from the nearby Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica.

Facade of the Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica in Madrid. EFE/ Rodrigo Jiménez

“Bitches, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you fucking nymphomaniacs, I promise you all will fuck in the capea, come on Ahuja!” exclaims this student, moment when the blinds of all the rooms rise in unison of the seven floors of one of the facades of the school and the leaning students begin to sing melodies.
The direction of the school, attached to the Complutense University and managed by the Order of San Agustín, strongly condemned these “incomprehensible and inadmissible” events and expelled the author of the cries.

Web Editor: Miriam Salazar


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