Ahmed Masood: “Eight days ago, they didn’t want to give me weapons in Kabul, now the Taliban have them”


This interview was conducted by telephone on the evening of August 21.

Ahmed Masood Sons and Followers of Mission Legendary Commander Ahmed Shah Masood, Has retreated to Panhill. From there, a few hours ago, when Kabul completed the fall, he launched an emotional appeal for resistance.

It is cut off from the world.

You cannot access any communication methods.

The Taliban besieged the territory at a camp at the entrance of the valley.

The Taliban leader quickly said that this heir with no experience, no means, and no backing can not Resisted for a long time.

On social networks, it didn’t take long for rumors to spread, saying that Masood had started talking to them and would surrender like other Afghan elites.

Is it really?

The young man I met here a year ago was almost his father’s twins. What is his intention to entrust me, and most importantly, what cards can he play? Your democracy project And women’s rights in your country?

Moreover, when a person is in a war Against their wishes Your greatest pleasure in this world is gardening and staring at the stars. Can you improvise the roles of Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Mustafa Barzani, or simply, as an Afghan who has been abandoned by allies and controlled by them? New Masood? The most closed obscurantism?

Contact information Masood son It was organized by Commander Muslem Hayat, a veteran who had participated in the anti-Soviet war. I met him in 1998 when I was leading the guard near Old Massoud. He happened to be in Panshir when he reported to me. Le Monde.

The wiring installed for the interview is safe, but unstable.

The sound is clear and the timbre is good, but Intermittently.

When the communication was interrupted, I had to go back and ask him to repeat his words.

However, the young Masood calibrated what he said very accurately.

Sometimes phrases appear, but often Spend time, Restate and reflect on what you are going to say many times.

I know that after we hang up, you will spend a lot of time on Sunday night and during the day, rereading your sentence on another encrypted messaging service.

There are many stakes. Your destiny. His life. But there are also the honor and destiny of his people. At these moments, he embodies their unique and indomitable desire for freedom.

And everything he is carrying.

Dear Ahmed! Finally…I have desperately wanted to talk to you for several days.

I know. I am in a remote corner of Panshir. The connection here is very bad.

First of all, how are you?

good. I already told you on the morning of the fall of Kabul that we had the last chance to speak: we lost a battle, but we did not lose the war. I feel stronger than ever.

The information circulating in Europe and the United States shows that you are also ready to lay down your weapons.

It’s nothing more than propaganda. There seem to be defeatists among you who think that your wishes are objective facts. Well, no. Let it know. It is also not recommended to stop fighting. At Panshir, our resistance has just begun.

Taliban leader Haqqani just announced on Twitter that you are leaving. is fake?

I repeat, this information is wrong.

So the message is clear, there is no surrender, right?

Obviously, there was no surrender. I would rather die than give up. I am the son of Ahmed Shah Masood. surrender This is a word that is not in my dictionary.

Although the Americans left? His allies surrender? The collapse of the country?

A year ago, when he came to see me in my Panshir Territory, I told him that my father was not just a father, he was also my mentor. My father will not accept that I give up.

In Europe, people are skeptical. They say you are not a warlord and you will not succeed.

My father taught me one thing: the power of a nation transcends the imbalance of power and is the spirit of resistance. This is the most important. You must believe in their power and mission. Moreover, for me, no matter what the cost, this mission is an irreversible end. My father carries this power in him. He never wavered. I will do my best to prove that I am worthy of your example, your determination and your calm courage.

Ahmad Masud and Bernard-Henry Lévy in the Panshir Valley in September 2020.

Mark Russell

Please forgive me for persisting, dear Ahmed, dear friend, but this connection is really disastrous, and I want to make sure I get it right. So the rumors that you are negotiating with the Taliban are false?

Talking is one thing. Talk can talk. In all wars, they can speak. My father always talks to his enemies. always. Even at the height of the war. But giving up is another matter. I repeat, neither my commander nor I considered surrendering. Completely ruled out.

Then why talk to them?

Because I am a peaceful person, I hope my people benefit. Imagine that the Taliban respect the rights of women, ethnic minorities, democracy, the principles of an open society, etc. Why am I not going to convince them that these principles will benefit all Afghans, including themselves? But, again, at the risk of repeating myself, I will never accept that the only advantage is the stability of imposing peace. Freedom and human rights are infinitely valuable assets. We cannot exchange them for the stability of the prison.

So, if I understand you correctly, you will remain in the same position as last week, when you left Kabul for your Panshir base. He does not accept the words that everything is over, the war has failed, and that prolonging the battle is a useless mission…

When I was a child, my father told me about General de Gaulle, and his memoirs were given to him by you. At the Military Academy where I studied at Sandershurst, England, I also read Churchill’s memoirs. At the same time as De Gaulle, the Englishman addressed his people and said: “The only thing I can give you is blood and tears. We will never give up.” I still don’t know what our struggle means to us, I don’t Dare to compare myself with these two such glorious examples, but I tell you that I keep them in mind and inspire me with the greatest respect.

Now, as we said, are you afraid of Taliban attacks?

The Taliban are terrible. They have entered the U.S. weapons stockpile. I added: I have not forgotten the historical error of the people who asked for weapons in Kabul eight days ago. They rejected me. Those weapons, those artillery, those helicopters, those American-made tanks, are now in the hands of the Taliban!but The Panhill Mountains have a long tradition of resistanceNeither the Taliban before 2001 nor the Soviet Union tried to invade this shelter. I think the same thing will happen this time.

On the eve of the fall of Kabul, through my magazine, La Regle du Jeu, Calling on Afghans to join you. How’s it going? Did you receive a response to your appeal?

really. Thousands of people join us. These include activists, intellectuals, politicians or officers of the Afghan army. This is just the beginning.

Specifically, how is everything going?

They arrive on foot, horseback, motorcycle or private car. They can stand up to all dangers. They join us. They are very brave. They are former members of the special forces. This is a great advantage for our sport.

If the connection with the rear is severed, can the guerrillas survive? His father has Tajikistan. Until the end, he still had a helicopter. You don’t have a helicopter,…

Yes I have. I have equipment, but I need a way to keep them running.

So, can I say in my country, the United States, and the rest of the world that you are still hopeful?

Yes. If we stand firm before the storm, the wind will change. This is even more so if we get help.


Who wants to help us. I hope to come from your country, from France. When I went to Paris with you, I met with President Macron. This young president who admired my father and General de Gaulle left a deep impression on me. I can’t imagine him sinking us. He knew that the Panshir resistance movement was a shield against barbarism, not only for the Afghan people, but also for all free citizens of the world.


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