Aguero: I had strange symptoms, I felt short of breath during training, until one day…


Sergio Aguero revealed that he was experiencing unusual symptoms in advance of the cardiac arrhythmia he suffered earlier in the season.

The 33-year-old played for Barcelona at the time but was forced to retire from football in December due to heart disease and he spoke about the situation on the Spanish TV show El Ormiguero.

“I started to feel sick in preseason with strange symptoms but I thought it was because of the training, the heat,” omen said.

“Then I got injured and was out for a month, but I still felt uncomfortable.

“Then I started training with the team and in training I felt very short of breath, until one day I told the doctor that I was not feeling well, after which I became very dizzy and started to have arrhythmia.

“The doctor examined me and everything was fine, but the next week it happened to me at the stadium. [against Alaves in October].”

omen talked about how hard he tried to get the attention of the referee to stop the match against Alaves.

“I felt sick and I wanted to shout to the referee to stop the game, but I couldn’t utter a word,” he explained.

“Then I felt dizzy, so I grabbed the defender by the hand and asked him to stop the game.

“Then my head was very dizzy, and arrhythmia began.

“When it stopped, I was taken to the hospital and kept there for three days.”

omen then it turned out that the doctor told him about the huge risk of playing again.

“The doctor told me that I can play, but it can happen again and it can be worse,” he said.

“And after a lot of thought, I said:“ That’s it, I’m 33 years old, I have a son and my life is ahead of me.

Pablo Motos and Sergio Agero.

Barcelona sorry

He went on to talk about his regret at not being able to do more in Barcelona.

“The only thing I couldn’t do was play for Barcelona and I wanted to give everything for a club that was in a bad situation.” omen stated.

“This is what I had to do, but I ended my career [by] score my last goal real Madrid.”


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