Aftershock: Everest and Nepal Earthquake Review

Aftershock: Everest and Nepal Earthquake Review

Aftershock: Everest and Nepal Earthquake of Netflix latest masterpiece. The documentary series consists of three parts and aired on October 6.

Three chapters compellingly tell the story from three different perspectives, where every second counts and every life is absolutely in danger.

The first story we meet is the story of hikers climbing and camping on Everest. It’s a daunting task as it is, but after the earthquake, everyone was left in an impossible situation. Lack of resources and mortality are the main problems. As they have no way of getting themselves out of this situation, all they can do is wait while the difficulties devour them.

In our next scan, we are thrown deep into the heart of Kathmandu, which at this point is nothing but rubble. Thousands of lives are at stake and are at the mercy of a search and rescue mission to retrieve the survivors buried beneath mountains and mountains of debris.

Finally, the Langtang Valley, a mostly remote part of the Nepalese mountains, is shown. Here we meet three Israeli military friends.

They wanted nothing more than to get to know the culture and witness the beautiful scenery, but after an avalanche destroyed the Langtang Valley, it’s quite a nightmare.

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Aftershock: The Reality of the Everest and Nepal Earthquake


The series begins with recorded footage of an Everest climber at the Khumbu Ice Falls, which has been designated one of the most dangerous routes to the summit. As the hiker is about to advance, they see an avalanche coming towards them and sweeping away everything in sight.

Following first hand accounts and real shot footage, this show is as authentic as they come without the extra sprinkling on top to make it suitable for entertainment. The creators kept it real and that added to the charm of it all.

Lost and beyond.

The epicenter of the devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake was just 30 miles outside of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. It left nearly 3.5 million people homeless and nearly 9000 people died. As a result, the country’s main tourist center has become abandoned and mostly uninhabitable.

In my opinion, the series is very well prepared. It has some dystopian elements that will keep you on the edge of your seats. The total duration of all three episodes is about 3 hours and every minute was worth it!


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