Aftermath of the Balkan war: women were stoned for driving


All wars have terrible consequences, and one of the widespread wars in the world is the large number of widows and orphans they leave behind. Other implications are related to the characteristics of each location. The debutante Blairt Basholli talks about this. Hive (Hive), a Kosovo film inspired by real events… History puts us in a small town in Kosovo, 7 years have passed since the end of the war but many men are still missing. The film begins with Fakhriye making his way to the place where the new bodies have appeared to try to find out if her husband is among them.


Fakhriye is not the only one, many women live in the hope that their husbands will return, or at least their remains seem to put an end to their suffering. These women will try to survive as best they can, but this implies need a driver’s license to be able to travel to the city, which is not very well seen in a society in which more than 90% of the population is Muslim… Fahriye is determined to support her children and her disabled father-in-law despite insults or stones you get for it.


And all this is in the very heart of Europe and in the 21st century, as we insist that the film is based on true events. The real Fakhriye has become the hallmark of Kosovo.

Hive It works perfectly, as evidenced by the fact that this particular film has received the most applause from the audience to date. The director, who has won three awards at the prestigious North American Sundance Film Festival, has managed to perfectly combine the rhythm that such a story demands with rhythm. emotions without ever falling into a tear of melodrama, the temptation of similar stories. Nor does it mean that he became a documentary explaining what happened. The director said This movie that “we know that the world knows little about Kosovo, but if we tried to explain the political situation, it would be a narrative film, and we needed a human story.” It is by focusing on human history that it can be understood throughout the world, even if you have no idea what happened in Kosovo.

Bad drunk boy

The next film at Seminci was Compartment No. 6 where a young Finnish woman living in Moscow gives up a relationship with a teacher to start multi-day train ride duration up to the Russian city of Murmansk, in the north-west of the country.


A young woman will have to share a compartment with a young Russian miner completely watered her vodka, which makes him fear the worst. However, as the train progresses and the days, you will realize that obviously dangerous boyToxic masculinity now calls it politically correct, it’s not quite what it seems, and, for example, you need to be more afraid of “allies” and bohemians.


The film, like almost all of them lately, has an excessive length, which makes it completely irregular. Has a part on a very interesting train, where we see how roles change little by little and prejudices fall. However, once the journey is over and they arrive at their destination, the story cannot continue and many aspects of the plot will remain unfinished.

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