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The destruction of a pair of breeding wolves and the last adult wolf in Savoie could jeopardize the pups’ survival. The 30 Million Friends Foundation has joined an alert call by the Ferus Association to ban lethal shooting during wolf pups breeding and rearing and mandate the use of protection.

Comatose and consternation after three wolves were slaughtered in Savoie. Less than a month after a breeding wolf and an adult male (probably a breeding male) were shot, it was the last (young) adult wolf in the family to succumb to the department-initiated shooting policy.

The fatal blow in the middle of the wolf pup’s breeding season!

On the night of August 24-25, the last member of the wolf clan was killed, dooming the cubs to be unable to support themselves in brutal conditions.lamented Ferrus. The French government, given a shooting authorization, decided to hunt down the remaining wolves that were no longer a danger to the herd, if [ce dernier] well protected “.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Cubs to be orphaned after their family is destroyed. Half of wolves legally killed in 2019 were killed during the breeding and rearing season for their pups (CNPN, Opinion 7 December 2020).A year later, during first incarceration, 30 million friends foundation warns against Two pregnant wolves slaughtered in Delon. Alarm bells shared by CNPN experts: “Given the increasing number of wolves being killed and the fact that there is no longer any sanctuary, especially during the breeding season, this fact does not seem consistent with the status of the protected species, whose conservation status remains fragile “. Because if the current lupin population is estimated to be around 900 people, then a workforce of 2,500 to 5,000 people would make up” The minimum required to adapt the population to future changes and thus ensure its long-term viability ! (MNHN, Expertise 31 March 2017).

Therefore, in order to avoid the death penalty for wolf cubs and guarantee the survival of the species, the 30 Million Friends Foundation, in conjunction with the Ferus Association, asked the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the states to ban lethal shooting during breeding and breeding.

A “poorly protected” alpine pasture, according to sources in the field

The state decided to go after the rest that no longer represented danger (…).


According to the Ferus Association, according to ” Domain Resources “The alpine ranch where these three shots took place will be” poorly preserved ” ; also, ” no control will not be performed by the State Service. However, the use of non-lethal means of intimidation is the only effective way to combat predation by wolves. In fact, it has now been shown that despite the firing policy, attacks have increased over the years. Because when the alpha wolf is killed, the wolves will disperse, and the wolves will solitarily and weakly prey on domestic animals, which are more vulnerable than wild animals.

That’s why, over the years, experts have been recommending different means of protection: three basic elements (small herds, human surveillance and guard dogs) in relation to innovative equipment (lighting equipment, wires, collars for repelling insects). To achieve this, the 30 Million Friends Foundation reiterates its call for effective and mandatory technical support and subsequent administrative control over breeders. Because yes, cohabitation is possible as long as we give ourselves the means!

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