After the expiry of the agreed period, negotiations on the docks are not progressing.

Four days after the pre-agreed deadline for completion of negotiations between Luis Ayala Colon’s company, the operator of the San Juan Pier, and the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA Local 1740), negotiations did not appear to have progressed well enough to cause concern among shipping companies. who have already started canceling their trips since Saturday.

According to Hernan Ayala, president of Luis Ayala Colón, at the moment he is only aware of the fruit company Dole Ocean Cargo Express, LLC (DOCE), which canceled shipping this Saturday for fear of operations stopping again. “The company fears that operations will stop again and have to disembark at a different port, which is costly for them.”– assured Ayala.

When asked about the negotiation process, the chief executive stressed that the gag ban persists, so he cannot talk about the case.

However, a source directly connected with the negotiations assured that the processes have not advanced, so he understands that no agreement should be reached this Saturday. However, he guaranteed IS TALKING that the union has no plans to end its activities.

Negotiations stalled due to crisis at the docks: they say they are not on the right track

If an agreement is not reached before this Saturday, when the deadline agreed with the Ministry of Labor expires, the option to extend the deadline is an acceptable option. This was previously stated by the Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Carlos Rivera Santiago.

Rivera Santiago indicated at the time that they would monitor the pace of mediation during the required days, and stressed that if necessary, they would extend the agreed negotiation period.

Union lawyer William Marrero Quiñones acknowledged this morning IS TALKING that they have presented to the employer an offer that, in their opinion, could lead to a conflict.

Opposition to merger of shipping companies remains fierce

However, according to the source, the submitted proposal was very similar to what was proposed earlier, which was allegedly not accepted by the employer.

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