After the eruption, the known face turned to La Palma


La Palma is going through a delicate moment.After a few days of shaking Cumbre Vieja It broke out shortly after 4:00 pm on Sunday. Since experts announced this possibility, this incident has not surprised anyone, and several days of preventive measures have been taken to protect the people and minimize losses.

However, the explosion of the volcano left traces of destruction and disaster afterwards. Cumbre Vieja has ejected lava from as many as eight mouths, and it is not clear how long this will last. More than 10,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes, and many of them died of lava tongue attacks on their way to the sea. There is a fire warning, and it is not clear when the eruption will end. The eruption may last for several months, just like what happened on the island’s other volcano, Tenegya, in the early 1970s.

La Palma volcano erupts on Sunday / Gtres

Many people turned to the Internet to express their solidarity with canaries and share images of volcanic eruptions. Paula Echevarria It is one of the first countries to do so. The actress shared a message via a story on her account: “La Palma, I send you all my love,” she commented. Similarly, Nuria Roca or Rozalén expressed solidarity with this situation, “When the natural landscape is incompatible with civilization… During these difficult times, all my support for the people of La Palma,” the host wrote, and The singer released the following message: “Ah! All the power of La Palma”.

Ariadne Artiles or Sara Salamo, The descent of these two Canarians, I feel particularly affected. The actress assured her that her heart was sinking, while the model emphasized that she thinks the earth is warning us about the importance of taking care of it:”The historic eruption of La Palma volcano. Today, our beautiful island speaks to us, the earth has its own language, a language that we and its inhabitants will never understand…”, He wrote.

Blanca Romero, India Martínez and El Cordobés also talked about this. “All my love and support #Palm Island With his people in these difficult moments, we are all accompanied by your uncertainty and pain. I give you a big hug with my heart,” the matador wrote. Julio Iglesias, Is not very active in social networks, he also wants to send support messages to people through the stories of his Instagram account, where he shares a lot of text.

Bibiana Fernández also made extensive comments, and he took this opportunity to comment on the Nazi march that took place near Chueca in Madrid this weekend“For two days, I lived in a bubble full of talk, food, and laughter. I didn’t know anything about the phone or TV, but there were two scenes that made me feel painful. Lost a point. #laislabonitalapalma, People who are about to lose their homes and life’s hard work, The second one is less obvious, but equally dramatic is the loss of freedom. Madrid is the cradle of an open and free city. The Chueca community was invaded by a group of extremists shouting for AIDS. My God, those of us who have lost so many relatives, they cry like knives, I no longer say that the directive does not allow civil society Unaffordable, freedom belongs to everyone, when you see your neighbor’s beard burning. My unity and affection make this point and the second point no longer repeated. I have always been so affectionate for all the feelings of the paradise island during my travels,” he wrote.

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