After Pippen, Kanter shoots: “Jordan did nothing for the black community.”


TUrco American Center Enes Kanter decided to join the critics Michael Jordan, as Scottie Pippen made in recent monthsclaiming that Nba the legend did nothing for the black community in America other than giving them money.

Recently Pippen, Jordan’s loyal squire Chicago bulls, tried to debunk the myth of the “23” legend by publishing his memoir, in which he describes Jordan as a bad teammate, selfish and “spoiled basketball.”

Michael Jordan has done nothing, nothing for the black community in America, other than just, you know, giving them money.

But this time it was Boston Celtics player Kanter’s turn to attack MJ during last Sunday’s performance with CNN’s Pamela Brown.

“Not many people talk about Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has done nothing, nothing for Black community in America, besides just giving them money. I feel like we need to call these athletes. At least Lebron james goes out and is the voice of all those people who are oppressed in America, ”said Kanter.

“But Michael Jordan hasn’t done anything for the black community because he cares too much about selling his shoes around the world and in America, and I feel like we need to call these athletes and not be afraid of who they are,” Turetsky added.

Kanter also attacked LeBron and Nike.

Kanter’s verbal attacks were not only against Jordan. First Jazz, thunder, Knicks and sport jackets the player also criticized a few days ago Lebron james for keeping silent about the methods of its sponsor Nike in China, while benefiting from the sneakers produced in the country.

However, LeBron said last Friday after Los angeles lakersthe loss to the guest Celtics is that he did not waste time answering Kanter.

“I think if you know me, you know that I don’t give too many people my energy,” said James. “He is definitely not the one to whom I would give my energy. He is trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself. I definitely won’t comment too much on this. ”

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