After Donald Trump, Elon Musk considers ‘amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts


Twitter CEO Elon Musk is considering lifting the suspension of all accounts suspended by the platform.

This comes a few days after the permanent ban on former US President Donald Trump was lifted.

Just like he did with Trump, Musk created a Twitter poll asking people to vote on whether to grant amnesty to all suspended accounts. The amnesty, however, comes with the condition that such accounts must not have committed egregious spam.

In the Twitter poll that logged more than 2.8 million votes at press time, Musk asks:

  • “Should Twitter offer a blanket amnesty to suspended accounts, as long as they haven’t broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?”

While Twitter users are expected to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, the poll results at the time of publication show that 72.4% are in favor of lifting the suspension of the accounts, while the 27.6% said no.

Mixed reactions: Meanwhile, mixed reactions have followed the survey and Musk’s move to restore all suspended accounts. While some Twitter users believe it would be nice to give everyone a fresh start through amnesty, some said that lifting the suspension of millions of accounts that violated Twitter rules would bring many spam accounts back.

Others said Musk’s attempt to restore the suspended accounts was a ploy to shore up Twitter’s numbers. However, Musk has insisted that amnesty for suspended accounts was part of his agenda to promote free speech with Twitter.

Fighting against identity theft: This comes even as Twitter under Elon Musk is struggling with impersonated accounts, forcing Musk to put a planned relaunch of Twitter Blue Verified on hold.

The initial launch of the subscription plan flopped, as impersonators rushed to create fake accounts using the names of high-profile personalities not on Twitter.

Musk said the relaunch won’t happen until he’s sure to prevent copycats from taking advantage of the subscription program.

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