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After Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to move away from his mansion in Manchester, due to the noise pollution caused by the sheep, it was the turn of Manchester City star Jack Greerish to change his residence.according to Sun, The former Aston Villa player and his partner Sasha Atwood had to move out after the fans got the address of their apartment.

Grelish was moved by his fans!

The British Daily quoted a source to explain Grelish’s decision: “All of this is very innocent at the moment, and the people waiting are people who admire Jack and want photos and autographs. However, considering the overall situation, letting people know is not ideal. Regarding her building, especially considering the threat to Sasha. For safety reasons, he moved and no longer lives where he lives.” Sun It did explain that during the Euro 2020, Grealish’s companions received a lot of death messages. This seems to be a good preventive measure. Tonight (9pm), Jack Greerish and Manchester City will move to the lawn of Paris Saint-Germain during the Champions League game.

Grelish was moved by his fans!

According to the British daily “The Sun”, Manchester City England international Jack Greelish and his partner were forced to move out of their Manchester apartment after the fans found his place.


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