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In a few months it will arrive Telemundo the new season of “The Lord of the heavens”. This eighth installment will incorporate a character played by Africa Zavala and the actress has given a preview of what we can see.

The soap opera is inspired by the life of drug trafficker Amado Carrillo, who in the series is called Aurelio Casillas as Rafael Amaya. For her part, Zavala will be in charge of playing Mecha, a woman who has a very close relationship with the protagonist.

Season 8 began recording in September 2022, so it is estimated that it will be ready for early next year. While the public waits, the actress who joins the cast has shown a bit of the filming process.

Through her social networks, África Zavala has shared photos and videos of some of the outfits she will wear in the new season of “El Señor de los Cielos”. These are dresses with floral prints, simpler, but that accentuate her figure very well.

In addition, in a movie he appears parading his clothes in high heels in the middle of the recording set, as can be seen some members of the production team. The publication already has more than 27,000 “likes” and several comments from well-known figures such as Maribel Guardia, who highlighted her appearance.

Although we don’t have many details about her character, Mecha, from her clothing we can assume that she is a humble girl from the neighborhood or town.

in a interview with “People in Spanish”África Zavala spoke about her experience joining the eighth season of “El Señor de los Cielos” and assured that she is excited about this new project.

I am recording El Señor de los Cielos and the truth is that I am very, very happy. it’s a big challenge”, said the 37-year-old interpreter.

He also commented on the team of actors with whom he shares a recording set, especially the protagonist, Rafael Amaya, with whom he shares many scenes.

(To Rafa Amaya) I find it incredible. His character super well done, as always. Very responsible, very good people. He’s a big guy, he really enjoys what he does. It’s great to work with him and everyone, because they are already a family. Everyone here loves each other very much, they have a lot of love for this project”, he added.

As for what will come in the new installment, he could not give many details about the plot, but he did confess that he felt very immersed when reading the scripts. This would mean that the story they will tell us will be more interesting than ever.

The truth is that I read the scripts and, every time I finish one, I want the next one to arrive, because every time I get more itchy to read. I love all the characters. something always happens“, He explained.

África Zavala with Alejandro Félix, Carmen Aub and Rafael Amaya, part of the cast of “El Señor de los Cielos” (Photo: Alejandro Félix / Instagram)

The events of the eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies” remain a mystery, although some things can be guessed from what happened at the end of the seventh installment.

After the death of Doña Alba and el Pulque, the Casillas met to say goodbye to them, without imagining that El Cabo and Ojeda would follow closely in their footsteps.

Although Amado and Ismael detected their enemies – they wounded the Corporal and killed Ojeda – it seemed that it was too late for the cartel. He had to decide who he would save from a horrible death. The eighth season of “The Lord of the heavens” must collect this crossroads and reveal the names of those chosen by Beloved.


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