Africa Re prepares to promote insurance through its 2023 Young Insurance Professionals Program


The Young Insurance Professionals Program (YIPP) is Africa Re’s corporate social responsibility initiative, in line with its mission to foster the development of the insurance and reinsurance industry in Africa.

For young people with a passion for insurance and reinsurance and the potential to become future leaders, this provides a unique opportunity and an exciting career in the sector.

About the YIPP: The program consists of fourteen (14) carefully chosen and well-designed courses that are taught online over one year. Participants will gain a solid foundation in insurance and reinsurance through these courses, which is essential for advancing one’s career in the industry.

It is anticipated that the program will have a positive effect on participants’ abilities to:

  • Understand the reinsurance industry and its future missions with regard to strong leadership, governance and accountability.
  • Develop a positive approach to competition in the African reinsurance markets by reducing some poor practices and approaches.
  • Promote professionalism


The program is aimed at insurance and reinsurance professionals under the age of 35 who work for insurance or reinsurance companies, brokerage firms, control authorities or affiliated organizations.

Participants must be:

  • Citizens of an Africa Re member state;
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent;
  • Have relevant work experience in an insurance or reinsurance company, insurance brokerage firm, or other related field;
  • Have access to the internet;
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills in English and/or French.

Prize value:

  • Africa Re will sponsor young professionals who successfully complete the YIPP program, to one of the main insurance/reinsurance events in Africa (AIO, FANAF);
  • Participants will earn a certificate of completion issued by Africa Re and the London School of Insurance;
  • Participants will have accelerated professional development in the industry.

How to apply: Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit an online application between now and the 15ththe January 2023 visiting this site

… Africa Re prepares to promote insurance through its 2023 Young Insurance Professionals Program Read more at… Naijaonpoint.




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