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Afghanistan: Kabul Airport resumes evacuation after chaotic scenes | Zimo News

The US Department of Defense announced on Monday that after the Taliban seized power and suspended flights to and from the Afghan capital for several hours due to chaos, the apron at Kabul Airport had reopened.

After the panic, calm was restored. General Hank Taylor of the U.S. Pentagon announced on the evening of Monday, August 16 that the Kabul Airport had resumed transportation of civilian and military flights.In the case of the airport, its runway has been Thousands of people desperately fleeing Afghanistan In the hands of the Taliban, the situation deteriorated to the point where all flights had to be suspended for several hours on Monday afternoon.

A Pentagon official told reporters in Washington that a U.S. Army C-17 aircraft has landed in Kabul, and another aircraft is expected to land in Kabul later in the day.

The dazzling final victory of the insurgents on Sunday caused a huge panic at the Afghan capital airport. The only way for large numbers of people to flock to Afghanistan is to try to escape the new regime that the Islamic movement has regained power after 20 years of war and promised to establish.

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On the other side of the Atlantic, President Joe Biden defended the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan at all costs on Monday, even though the Taliban took over the Kabul airport and appeared desperate.

“Twenty years later, I learned reluctantly that it was never a good time to withdraw troops,” Joe Biden said in a speech to the country, due to the history of President Ashraf Ghani’s escape from Afghanistan. The president remained silent during the sex weekend, which is highly anticipated.

“The truth is that all this happened faster than we expected,” however, the Democrats admitted.

Faced with the chaos at Kabul Airport, the White House tenants also threatened the Taliban that if the Taliban disrupted the ongoing evacuation operations, they would adopt a “swift and forceful” military response.

The Afghan army completely collapsed

They also assured that thousands of fighters would gather in the capital to ensure its safety.

The current former President Ashraf Ghani admitted on Sunday night that the Taliban “won”.

In a video posted on social networks, the co-founder of the Islamic movement Mullah Abdul Gani Baradal called on his troops to observe discipline.

The United Nations Security Council has warned the Taliban not to allow the country to become a base for future terrorist attacks. He asked the new masters of Afghanistan to establish a new representative government, including in particular “the full, complete and meaningful participation of women.”

For the Afghan security forces, this disaster is complete, and the United States has used hundreds of billions of dollars to fund them for two decades.

In May, with the withdrawal of foreign troops, the radical Islamic movement launched an offensive, and within ten days, it controlled almost the entire territory of Afghanistan.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the United States refused to hand over Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and was ousted by the US-led coalition 20 years later.

The United States said on Monday that only the Afghan government led by the Taliban respects women’s rights and rejects terrorists before it will recognize the Afghan government.

Our position “will depend on the behavior of the Taliban,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price concluded.

China was the first country to express a desire to maintain “friendly relations” with the Taliban on Monday.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates that “the situation in Afghanistan, especially Kabul, is stabilizing. The Taliban are restoring public order”.

On the contrary, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace believes that it is “not yet time” to recognize the Taliban regime. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for the “future” to convene a virtual meeting of the leaders of the Group of Seven.

European “initiatives” to “prevent large waves of immigration”

French President Emmanuel Macron declared in the evening that Afghanistan should not “become a sanctuary for terrorism again” and called for “responsible and united (international) response measures.”

In a televised speech on the situation in Afghanistan that has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, the French head of state said on Monday that he hopes to implement a European initiative aimed at “predicting” and “preventing a large number of irregular migration flows.” “Trafficking in all kinds of feed,” and the risk of many Afghans trying to secretly emigrate and the risk of the Taliban seizing power have exacerbated this movement.

The French President continued: “Therefore, we will work with the Federal Republic of Germany and other European countries to launch an initiative to immediately take a strong, coordinated and unified response”, calling for “united efforts, harmonizing protection standards and working with transit countries To establish cooperation”.

As far as Washington is concerned, it has sent 6,000 soldiers to protect the airport and demobilized about 30,000 Americans and Afghan civilians who cooperated with the United States and feared retribution by the Taliban.

Many other diplomats and foreign citizens also hurriedly evacuated from Kabul on Sunday.

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