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Six thousand American soldiers were in the safe zone of Kabul Airport, under pressure from an outside crowd that wavered between anger and despair. We yelled, we begged, we even gave babies and camera rolls. From an image point of view, every shot is a torture to the White House.

Six thousand soldiers, under the gaze of the world, shoulder the arduous task of the Taliban after they regained power in Afghanistan: to evacuate their compatriots and many locals from the country. These people have contributed to the military and civilians in the past two decades. Americans, or people who are directly threatened because of their participation.

On Friday, August 20th, Joe Biden again talked about the ongoing military and diplomatic operations.According to him, this is one of the airlifts “The Hardest in History”, Only the United States can implement. “An extremely difficult and dangerous task” The US military allowed itself to conduct some security expeditions in Kabul. For example, the president is designated to supervise the French repatriation convoy between the embassy and the airport.

For the Americans still in the country (the number has not yet been determined), Joe Biden initiated: “We will take you home.” But the president’s tone is cautious and sometimes even pessimistic. “I cannot guarantee what the final result will be, it will not be at risk of loss”He said that after the Taliban released prisoners on a large scale, he cited terrorist threats.

“Continuous contact” with the Taliban

Joe Biden still hopes that this evacuation will end before August 31, which seems quite suspicious to many experts. American civilians entered the airport through the Taliban roadblock, and then the crowds around the paddock, which seemed to pose a lot of difficulties. “We have reached an agreement with the Taliban. So far, they have allowed them to pass. It is in their interest to let them pass. (…) But we will do everything we can to ensure that they arrive at the airport. “

The President of the United States clarified that “Contact frequently” A meeting was held in Kabul with the Taliban and their representatives in Doha. It seems that the words of this group of people suddenly have some value. The Pentagon said that on Thursday, 169 American nationals were even evacuated by three military helicopters and they were quarantined at the Baron Hotel near the airport. An extraction decided on the ground shows the extreme precision of the mission. What about Afghans seeking asylum and Americans trapped outside Kabul? US military and intelligence experts familiar with the terrain are walking a tightrope.

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