Afghanistan is critical for 48 hours: Biden warns that new attacks are “very possible”

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The deadline set by the United States to end the evacuation: 48 hours after August 31, Afghanistan began the countdown. As the Taliban continue to expand their control of the country and prepare to form a government, The United States has begun to withdraw 5,000 soldiers deployed in the country to protect Kabul Airport After receiving “Very real threat” According to President Joe Biden, this may be achieved in a new attack.

At the Pentagon to ensure that it has the relevant “Very real threat” Oppose the U.S. military guarding the Kabul airport.

According to the information he received from his army, at the end of this Saturday, Biden assured that these threats may be realized through new attacks in the next few hours: “The situation on the ground is still very dangerous. Terror at the airport. The threat of an attack is still high. Our commander told me, There is a high probability of an attack in the next 24 to 36 hours“, he said in a statement.

The U.S. Army is at the Kabul Airport.


The flight leaving Kabul International Airport is already the latest evacuation operation coordinated by the U.S. military and coalition allies to evacuate thousands of people who are believed to be facing the formation of a fundamentalist government from the country.

The President of the United States was told during a meeting with his national security team this week that the last few days of the US military in Afghanistan may be “By far the most dangerous”, And the alarm continues to light up.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki explained in a statement that one of the reasons for this growing danger is not only the threat from the ISIS-K branch in Afghanistan, but the Pentagon will begin to remove its materials. Until August 31, Set by Biden.

Drones attack ISIS-K

Still within the deadline, the Americans confirmed the drone attack on Afghanistan on Saturday, resulting in the death of two allegedly “high-profile” members of the Islamic State (ISIS-K).Attack is for revenge The bombing at Kabul Airport on Thursday, The same terrorist organization claimed to have claimed and caused dozens of deaths, Including 13 American soldiers.

General Hank Taylor, Deputy Director of the Logistics Department of the General Staff, assured that there were “Zero civilian casualties” It also acknowledged that Washington will continue to take action against ISIS-K terrorists “when necessary.”

It also details that the executed alleged terrorists played the role of “facilitators” and “planners” of ISIS-K, although it refused to specify whether they were involved in the organization of the attack on Kabul Airport in any way Or specifically what function they perform.

The United States evacuated in Kabul.

The United States evacuated in Kabul.


The Taliban have not yet commented on the U.S. actions, although Defense Department spokesman John Kirby assured that Washington “did not” share information about the attack with the Taliban.

It also did not specify where the American attacks were launched. They have abandoned all bases in the country and only maintain a presence in the military zone of the Kabul Airport.

“Every day gets worse”

That same week, before the Kabul airport attack, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles explained that “The situation is dramatic” In Afghanistan and what “Every day in the past has been worse”“People know that the deadline is approaching, and more and more people are gathering at the airport,” he said.In addition, I will warn “The Taliban are becoming more and more aggressive”, Gunfire and strong controls prevented entry into Kabul Airport, he said.

Subsequently, Robles assured that the army deployed in Kabul to support the evacuation efforts tried to evacuate the most people from the country, “until the end, until five minutes before the attack”, which caused dozens of deaths last Thursday, including 13 US Soldiers-hundreds of people were wounded.

King Felipe VI visits the Torrejón de Ardo base.

Nacho Moreira

“but It does not depend on us, We do not control the airport”, The minister defended her during a visit to the Torrejón de Ardoz base this Saturday, Where he recounted how the Americans closed the door and placed the armored vehicle at the airport gate on the same Thursday to prevent people from passing through.

Robles assured that now, the executive’s promise is to continue Working within the NATO framework “Try to get other people away, or at least respect human rights in the country.”

“Spain will not put its image first before this play”, Guarantee, with special emphasis on the situation that women and children still exist after the Taliban takes over and imposes a new regime.

In this sense, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin, Publicly thanked Spain for its help in the evacuation In a message posted by the American personnel from Afghanistan on his Twitter profile, he expressed “thanks to the men and women of the Spanish Ministry of Defense” for this rescue mission. He emphasized that “friendship countries such as ours for cooperation”.


The United States took control of the airport military area on August 16. After the Taliban won and came to power, In an apparent non-aggression treaty, evacuation is allowed but is about to be completed.

Taliban sources assured Effie that their forces have begun to control the military zone at the airport, which has been ceded by the Americans.

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi confirmed that the Taliban special forces “victory forces” are controlling the military part of the Kabul airport. “Some parts (of the military airport) were evacuated by (foreign troops), and our troops controlled them,” he said.

The Afghan news channel Tolo quoted an Islamic movement source as saying that the U.S. military has left the three entrances of Kabul Airport, which are now under the control of Taliban forces.

Less than 72 hours before the deadline, the flight on Saturday is already The last batch to leave Afghanistan Before the establishment of the Taliban government.

Afghan evacuees arrived at Torrejon base.

Afghan evacuees arrived at Torrejon base.


“Take my NATO team and the Afghans in danger and land in Rome. A huge evacuation effort has been carried out with all allies. I will continue my work outside Afghanistan to keep others safe,” he tweeted Wrote on

Taliban government

At the same time, nearly two weeks after the occupation of Kabul, the Taliban continued to work on shaping their government, which is a key move in the country’s new phase and the international community’s response.

In a video statement, Mohamed Abbas Stanikzai, a member of the Taliban negotiating team, claimed that the leaders of Afghanistan and Taliban politicians are trying to form a Inclusive system, representing all nations.

“Everyone will be included in the new system. Negotiations are ongoing with all politicians,” Stanikzai said.

The Taliban also announced new measures to control the country, as well as their Chief Spokesperson Zabihulla Mujahid said To all those who have public service assets and weapons within a weekSo that they can hand them over to representatives of the movement.

He added in a statement: “Violators will be treated in accordance with the law, and public goods and equipment will be forcibly taken back if they do not voluntarily return it,” he added in a statement, but did not specify whether this is also the case. The power of the government against the removal of public officials and members.

In the Taliban offensive in which the insurgents seized power, it is estimated that a large amount of military equipment, including vehicles, weapons and pistols, was looted by civilians after public officials left their posts.


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