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Tribune. On Sunday, August 15, the Taliban entered Kabul. After the seizure of power, thousands of Afghans are afraid of persecution or threats to their lives, especially those who are committed to freedom, women’s rights, or merely engaging in intellectual or artistic activities that are deemed to be inconsistent with Taliban laws.

For many years, until the last few days, these men and women have been fighting for freedom, mobilizing to promote democracy and defend human rights in their country.These people are scared today “There are reasons to be persecuted” New powers gained by defending one’s own opinions or by the simple facts of being women, artists, civil servants…

Isn’t this the exact definition of the legitimacy of refugee status as defined in Article 1 of the 1951 Geneva Convention on the status of refugees?In the year he was 70 years oldElectronics On the anniversary, it is more urgent than ever for the signatory countries to respect it effectively.

Republican obligations

The protection of the right to asylum is also at the core of French values ​​and is included in the constitutionality block. “Anyone who is persecuted for acts that support freedom has the right to asylum on the territory of the Republic”, Confirm 4Electronics In the preamble of the 1946 Constitution, the Constitutional Committee established this right as a “fundamental right” and a “principle with constitutional value.” It is our republican duty to provide protection and welcome to threatened Afghans.

But more importantly, for France that wants to become the homeland of human rights, since the declaration of 1789 established the mission of universalism, it must perform its responsibilities without hesitation, just like many countries committed to human rights. Refugees are welcome. It should also be noted that according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the vast majority of these refugees are women and children, which means that the admission conditions should be adjusted accordingly.

By taking in 1Uh In January 2022, as the rotating presidency of the European Union, France has the opportunity to coordinate and optimize the different initiatives so far, and become a pioneer in the implementation of protective hospitality, comprehensive and respect for the dignity of refugees in Europe-who, let us remember , They did not decide to leave their country for convenience, but were forced to do so because of the danger of death.

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