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In October 1996, shortly after the Taliban entered Kabul, The world South Asia traveled to Afghanistan to tell the story of the collapse of the jihadist regime. Twenty-five years later, as the Taliban returned to power, he remembered the fear and relief after years of war.

  • Kabul, October 6, 1996
    The first signs of “theocracy of terror”

Just ten days ago, those still known as “religious students” entered the Afghan capital. Kabul fell on September 27 without any blows-this will be 25 years from now.Ahmed Cha Masood Maid As a jihadist regime and a romantic figure resisting the Soviet occupiers, this man wearing a beret always bowed his head gracefully, and left the day before, leaving the city in the hands of the Taliban.

On this cold autumn day, Kabul was still puzzled and divided: some residents said they were pleased with the arrival of these rough farmers, who came from the countryside and brought back a “decadent” capital. , Ended the four-year cannibalistic war waged by the anti-Soviet Jihad and former Taliban fighters. These “theological schools” were educated in the Koranic schools in Pakistan.

Taliban soldiers in the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul on October 2, 1996.

Others, especially women and former communists who were called Islamists by the deposed regime and came to power after the collapse of the previous pro-Soviet government in 1992, showed unearthed landmines: they were worried about the first signs of “theocracy” Has appeared.Horror”-some call it “Medieval” -From now on, their future will become an eternal horizon.

An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a brave Frenchman I have known for many years, dragged his espadrilles in the corridor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, haggard. “We have just reviewed five centuries”, He screamed. Cautiously, he burned all the photos of the compromise past that served several regimes, including the Communist Party (1978-1992): in addition to French, he also mastered Bulgarian and Russian, which he studied in Bulgaria and Uzbekistan The result of the Soviet Union’s not so distant time…

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In his small apartment in Microrayon district (from Russia “Micro Neighborhood”), A set of public housing railings built not long ago for Maryam, a former pro-Soviet nomenklatura teacher, did not offend: “Preventing women from studying and working is not the Quran, nor is it Sharia!”, Thunder this woman who is about fifty years old. “Of course, She admits, The rocket has stopped falling towards the city, but are we not now preparing for another death? Beside her, the eldest of the three daughters laughed, because she found that her mother was a little harder: “Peace is better than war”, Observed Juvenile.

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