Afghan provinces ban women from owning mobile phones and men from shaving

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Relevant departments of multiple provinces Afghanistan Notice sent Men’s shaving is forbidden Or trim your beard Women have smart phone, Although the Ministry of Culture emphasized that the description was invalid and emphasized This is not the official position of the Taliban.

According to the information collected by the Afghan TV channel Tolo TV, these notes have been circulated among people in various provinces of Afghanistan. Helmand, Cabisa and Tahar, This is supported by the statements of residents in these areas.

Residents of Cabisa emphasized that the Provincial Department of Health Promote Windbreak Department -Replaced the Ministry of Women after the Taliban seized power.-Men are prohibited from shaving or trimming their beards as a sin.

Legal punishment

“We are told not to shave or trim beards according to style. Those who violate this rule will face Legal punishment“, said Alem, a hairdresser from the province. According to the media, the order has been copied by the departments of Helmand and Tahar.

despite this, Inamura Samangani The member of the Cultural Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Information Technology emphasized, “The Ministry of the Promotion of Wind and Wind Not announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology And it is on a social network that does not belong to the ministry. “

On the other hand, Afghan journalists Sadura Salish Emphasize that some people appreciate other restrictions contained in the notice, such as restrictions on wedding expenses and Shooting into the air during the celebration is prohibited, Which has left many victims in recent months.

Amputation and execution

The Taliban entered Kabul shortly after the then president fled the country and seized power in mid-August. Ashraf Ghani They have announced the formation of a government, which is characterized by the lack of representatives of women and other political groups in Afghanistan.

In recent days, information about the plans the Taliban is considering implementing has surfaced. Resume amputation and execution In Afghanistan. Similarly, the authorities hanged four kidnappers who were killed in an operation in the city on Saturday in various squares in Herat, “as an example of possible criminals.”


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