Aesthetic Sessions in ‘Sálvame’: Retouching by Kiko Hernández


Chico Hernandez It became clear again: he wasn’t improving his image with the help of a scalpel. After getting a hair transplant that kept him away from the TV help me Back to settings totally different look. As he has stated many times, the undeniable change has nothing to do with aesthetic medicine.

All of this added to the thick beard that was left, putting a collaborator in a bind, who reconfirmed that his facial changes and included inflammation were entirely the result of a hair transplant performed two months earlier. Today, with television back on set, Three aesthetic medicine experts analyze his changes. What could have been done?

Kiko Hernández in “Save Me” / Telecinco

first, Noriko The shape of his bag is natural and unmodified, which may — along with the beard — change his face.However, a doctor in the TV space reported that if any touch-ups were made, it would be Facial Masculinity, where the chin, chin and cheekbones may have been marked. something he himself denied.

Dr. Electa Navarrete, on the other hand, confirmed that there was nothing on his cheekbones after feeling his collaborator’s face. And, in addition to the food and exercise already reflected on her face, experts ruled that the good times she’s going through may have been a factor in changing her image: “Happy endorphins revolutionize your appearance”Also, doctors report that platelet-rich plasma can be applied, a treatment that does not change the shape of the face at all.

Kiko Hernández in
Kiko Hernández in “Save Me” / Telecinco

In the end, Dr. Esteban Sarmentero confirmed that, from his point of view, Kiko Hernández did not retouch his face. However, as he explained, it was dark circles he was showing off, a victim of “edema under the eyelid that came off the head.”the result of capillary graft According to doctors, this can be resolved by “tapping,” which involves placing a very tight cast on the area every night.


Last May, the collaborator had one of only two retouchings on his face. Kiko received a new facelift at a clinic he trusted without surgery.A treatment that’s on the rise among the most famous faces and is completely pain-free, including Remove excess skin and tighten muscles, thereby eliminating signs of sagging and improving the tone and brightness of the face. The truth is, skin exposure to sunlight or daily stress becomes more and more noticeable on the face and neck over time, managing to make grooves and folds that take away the clarity and tone of facial expressions.

Kiko Hernández in
Kiko Hernández in “Save Me” / Telecinco

capillary graft

Finally, the last intervention he experienced – and the most complicated one – was on August 5 last year.In order to look younger, Kiko Hernández accepted, as he himself admitted capillary graft, one of the most common grooming for men today. This is a procedure to transplant hair from an area such as the nape of the neck to an area where genetics are not working or where there is a lack of hair due to hair loss. An operation that lasted eight hours has kept TVs away from small screens until now. “It’s not that I really need it because I still have a lot of hair, but I think grooming is necessary and desirable after 40 to 45 to stay young and good-looking. I work in the media and image is very important “, Confessed at the time.


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