Adidas and Balenciaga dismiss Kanye for anti-Semitism and replace him with anti-Semite Bella Hadid


His hypocrisy and indifference to real antisemitism is clear. They would never have hired Bella Hadid if they wanted to oppose anti-Semitism. They just can’t stand Kanye because he strayed from leftist orthodoxy.

“’Hypocrisy replaces one anti-Semite with another’: Balenciaga, Adidas criticized for teaming up with Hadid after leaving Kanye”, by Deborah Brand, Breitbart, November 9, 2022:

Balenciaga and Adidas, the latter of which was founded by members of the Nazi party, teamed up with outspokenly anti-Israeli supermodel Bella Hadid to headline their latest collaboration, prompting accusations of hypocrisy just weeks after both companies parted ways with Kanye. West for his anti-Israelism. -Semitism.

Balenciaga announced last month that it was severing ties with West over his anti-Semitic comments, which included saying he would do “death scam 3 on the JEWISH PEOPLE” and criticizing the “Jewish underground media mob,” but Adidas refrained. to make a move. In the days that followed, West boasted that he can “say anti-Semitic things and they can’t let me.”

The following week, the sportswear firm finally ended its association with the rapper, calling his comments “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous.”

Balenciaga and Adidas have come under fire for hiring Hadid as the face of their new collaboration, the second of its kind.

Arsen Ostrovsky, a human rights lawyer and executive director of The International Legal Forum, a global coalition of lawyers that spearheaded a campaign demanding that Adidas end its association with Kanye, said hiring Hadid immediately after leaving Kanye was only “motivated for the money”.

“That they simply replaced one anti-Semite with another only underlines that these brands were never motivated to do the right thing and show leadership in the fight against racial hatred, but only care about their profits,” Ostrovsky told Breitbart News.

“Kanye and Hadid are no different, they both engage in antisemitism and need to be called out, not a global platform by international brands,” he continued…


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