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Today, most businesses benefit greatly from increased IT staff, enabling them to complete complex projects with top technologists from around the world.

Did you know that major tech companies including Microsoft and Apple have employees on most projects in Eastern Europe? In 2021, Eastern European countries are home to more than 210,000 IT professionals and engineers, with around 20,000 young people joining the industry each year.

Not surprisingly, PwC ranks Ukraine as the world’s fifth largest IT exporter, worth an estimated $4.5 billion.

What is IT staff augmentation?

It refers to a staffing model or HR technique in which understaffed companies seek the services of secondary companies such as newxel dotcom to provide the necessary human capital.

Benefits of increasing IT staff

Some of the benefits of IT augmentation services include access to highly skilled talent that enables them to achieve short- and long-term goals.

In addition, the augmentation approach helps fill vacation teams, extended vacations, skill gaps, and completion of specific technical projects in a short period of time.

Staffing is not outsourcing

The staff augmentation model is often confused with the outsourcing model. However, the two are different. The staffing model is more popular than outsourcing because the recruiting company can retain control over its IT services.

This approach is now more common than ever since the pandemic, as organizations have embraced the idea of ​​remote teams managing their business processes.

Address service gaps

In most cases, organizations with IT departments have gaps in their professionals. An increase in application staff will help solve the problem, especially in areas facing a shortage of IT specialists.

Given their needs, companies can define the type of personnel they need and get these remote teams onshore or offshore with the help of a service provider. As we’ll soon find out, this model is rapidly gaining popularity due to its flexibility, among other benefits.

Depending on your needs, there are different types of IT staff augmentation services, including the number of years of service required, the type and skill level required, and the type of products and services.

Benefits of increasing IT staff

Provide flexibility

The scaling model in IT allows the flexibility that businesses need when adopting specific changes in response to competition, such as changes in demand. Traditional staffing methods are more rigid, and this change has cost implications.

Faced with a specific technical project, organizations can easily obtain the professionals they need during the project.

Provide a high-quality team

Recruiting companies can obtain high-quality short-term or long-term talent. Due to the professionalism involved in the addition of personnel, the results are always of high quality, allowing them to remain in line with their competitors despite the size of the organization.

Additionally, staffing is convenient because it provides a broader talent pool from which companies can hire the professionals they need for specific projects.

By working with different global organizations, including your competitors, employees hired through the augmentation approach have a higher level of experience, which can be of great benefit to your business. Because of this, they are more likely to bring new innovations and ideas to give you a competitive advantage.

Improve efficiency

With the right team, organizational performance improves. Also, unlike other models, the increase in staff enables companies to strictly manage and coordinate their teams.

Professionals hired in this model are aligned with company goals and work with other teams to achieve set goals. As a result, operations run more smoothly and it is easier to achieve set goals.

reduce costs

Hiring in-house teams can be very expensive for employers. However, with the staff augmentation model, organizations can obtain the talent and duration required for the project.

This model enables SMEs to provide goods and services and compete on the same level of quality as other large companies.

In some cases, companies train employees in new technologies to work on specific projects, which comes at a cost. However, you can identify their needs by adding staff and find the best professionals for these roles.

faster turnaround time

Companies using this model have access to highly specialized teams that provide the necessary services to complete projects quickly.

62% of companies that support alternative employment believe that welcoming these workers allows them to execute projects faster. In fact, these organizations can acquire the right skills within the necessary deadlines.

For example, staffing can help you launch new products or services ahead of your competitors.

business control

In personnel augmentation, companies can maintain control over all of their operational processes. As such, it counteracts one of the biggest concerns about IT outsourcing. Additionally, employees hired under this model are fully directed by the agency and are more in line with organizational culture and practices.

These professionals also adhere to the same code of conduct as the rest of the organization, making it easier to control and simplify management functions.

Professionals acquired by increasing employees are also impartial and oriented towards the goals of the company. Therefore, their performance is more reliable compared to outsourced services.

Bring new skills and ideas

Over time, many organizations have suffered from adopting the same tact and mindset. The increase in staff brings in new talent with new ideas to drive your project forward.

In addition, people who overstay in an organization have a fixed mindset and a culture of fulfilling their responsibilities. New people joining your team can break these bad cultures and become part of a progressive business process.

Additionally, IT is one of the most dynamic industries, and without innovation, organizations will struggle to sustain their projects.

Access to offshore talent

Companies adopting this staffing model can gain access to a large number of professionals globally, as the world faces a shortage of 40 million software development professionals. In addition, the staffing service provided to the enterprise also provides the necessary support to ensure smooth operation. As a result, companies can efficiently acquire the talent they want in different time zones.

The recruitment process is cumbersome and time-consuming. Therefore, companies can save time and other resources by hiring employees to increase the company’s services. In addition, you can book calls for new employee assistants.

Because this addition process is much faster, it is more suitable for replacing employees who suddenly leave the organization on a pressing project.

The impact of the pandemic on increasing IT staff

The Covid pandemic has brought many changes to the business world, as the disease requires less physical interaction as well as other socioeconomic impacts. Companies and employees are now enjoying the benefits of remote work alternatives. As a result, the staff augmentation model has also become more efficient than ever.

Inevitably, we have seen growth and progress in the trend of increasing IT staff and a dramatic increase in the number of remote IT teams. As a result, companies today no longer use traditional staffing techniques (50% of IT professionals work remotely).

Additionally, many businesses are facing post-pandemic issues that can be addressed with this model. For example, many experts have had to leave their jobs suddenly due to Covid-related issues. As a result, most agencies are understaffed, some agency goals are not met, and projects are not completed.

In the United States, an estimated 4 million people go off work each month, also known as great resignation since the epidemic.

In addition, the uncertainty of the pandemic has had a major impact on the economy. As a result, most companies are now aware of taking advantage of the increase in IT staff and are continually recruiting for specific key projects.

They also benefit from the emerging trend of increasing IT staff.


The Covid pandemic has also been an eye-opener on the importance of the increased IT staff, which is now more embraced by more businesses than ever before.

The growing IT sector is the epicenter of a global talent shortage.

Use the information provided in this article to address developer shortages ahead of time and prepare for success.

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