Add color to your outfit with this diamond waistcoat: cheap and original


Vests with various geometric motifs are back, as they were already in fashion in the 80s and 90s. As we know, everything is cyclical and for this reason, if we have one at home, we can already wear it. If not, switch outfits with this one west of diamonds that you can already buy.

Combine several colors, important during autumn, such as gray and blue. you carry it with you jeans and also skirts.

This is the Zara diamond waistcoat

It is a cropped waistcoat with a V-neckline and short sleeves. You will see that it is quite short, although it all depends on how tall you are. It’s perfect for everyday wear to provide the garment you need to keep from being colder than normal.

what is it made of

This versatile garment is made in 56% acrylic · 33% polyamide · 9% wool · 2% elastane. For your care, from Zara They advise that knitted garments have elasticity, so it is important to wash them at low temperatures and with gentle spin cycles, dry them on a flat surface and store them folded. In this way, we prevent them from being deformed and reduce energy consumption.

In this case, the vest can be machine washed max. 30ºC. Short spin cycle, it is better not to use bleach/bleach, iron max 110ºC, do not dry clean and you can use a tumble dryer at reduced temperature.

Add color to your outfit with this diamond waistcoat: cheap and original

From Inditex they indicate that they work with suppliers, workers, unions and international organizations pTo develop a supply chain where human rights are respected and promoted, which contributes to the UN’s goals for sustainable development.

Something that is taken into account by more and more fashion brands that contribute to doing their bit for a better and more sustainable world in every way.

What do we wear this vest with?

It stands out with basic t-shirts in different colors underneath but also with slightly more elegant blouses. At the same time, they also go perfectly over dresses and with matching shirts and skirts to always be well-dressed everywhere.

In turn, don’t miss it all sweaters vests that zara has on its website, because they come in different colors, with borders and even with prints that you will love.

Where to buy this garment

It is available on Zara’s website and physical stores. You will see that the price is adapted to your pocket because it only costs 22.95 euros and it comes in sizes from S to XL. You can now buy it on the Zara website for your convenience.


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