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One of the beloved hosts and actresses on Latin television is the Puerto Rican Adamari Lopezwho has recently given a conference on how to achieve a fitness body and porcelain skin after 50, but the Puerto Rican has not only left us speechless with her figure and beauty but also with her impact suits with which you even risk with long boots despite being a short woman.

And it is that if you are short, it is likely that you have thought that you refuse to wear an outfit with long boots, but let us tell you that you are very wrong and you are losing the opportunity to wear the boots of your dreams. For this reason, at Panorama we are going to tell you Adamari López’s five tips for wearing long boots and appearing taller.

The driver loves to wear long boots | IG: @adamarilopez

What are Adamari’s secrets for wearing long boots?

The host with one of the most beautiful faces on television is not afraid to experiment with any wardrobe, especially after she lost almost 10 kilos and remains slim and with a toned body, of course, the long boots were not going to stop her despite have a height of 1.57 meters. We tell you how she achieves a spectacular look with high boots.

1. Long boots with heels

This morning, the Puerto Rican showed in her Instagram stories some incredible pink boots and other black ones, which have just arrived, which are long, but if you look at the images that we share with you, they have a high heel.

If you are short and want to wear long boots, it is very important that you consider buying ones that have a high heel; This way, you can add a few inches to your height. You can choose the heel that is comfortable for you and even platform boots to make you look confident and sexy.

Boots Adamari Lopez
Adamari chooses long boots with pointed heels | IG: @adamarilopez

2. Combine your long boots with miniskirts

Adamari López usually takes a risk with long boots as long as her outfit includes a miniskirt, have you noticed? This is because the Puerto Rican knows that the key to looking perfect with high boots despite being short is in the visual trick.

If you wear a miniskirt or shorts, long boots will immediately make your legs look a little longer.

Adamari Lopez
The miniskirt lengthens your legs | IG: @blessedclosetstyle

3. Mark your waist more

One of the visual tricks that will help you look taller in long boots is to emphasize your waist. Adamari López achieves it by wearing a belt or with a dress with ties at the waist.

You can also try combining them with pants or skirts at the waist. The key to this trick is to accentuate your natural curves so that your entire look looks more uniform.

Adamari Suit
Wear a dress that shows your waist | IG: @adamarilopez

4. Say yes to a monochrome look

Another visual trick that will help you look taller wearing long boots is to choose a monochromatic outfit with your favorite pants, try to make them the same color as your boots.

Believe it or not by doing this, your legs and boots will appear to be the same, so that you will magically have gained a few inches in height in the eyes of others. Adamari also applies this trick with dresses that reach the beginning of the boots.

Long boots Adamari López
A monochrome look will make you look taller | IG: @adamarilopez

5. Open skirts are your option

Open skirts must be one of your favorite options, because the line that opens gives the appearance that your legs are much longer, making it the perfect garment to wear long boots.

Now that you know the tricks that Adamari López applies when it comes to assembling her outfits with long boots, what are you waiting for to release those ankle boots that you thought were not for you?


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