Adam Sandler and Juancho Hernangomez film that will destroy Netflix


Time has shown that the leap to Netflix comedian Adam Sandler it was not a push forward. His usual offering of popular comedies was paired with independent endeavors and forays into other genres that won over interpretation. water boy a niche of supporters of his acting abilities, apart from his followers in pure comedy.

Clawa conventional sports movie with comic and dramatic overtones, in which he plays an NBA scout who, you know, discovers a prodigy on the Madrid court (played by Juancho Hernangomez) is a completely safe step in that direction, in which his production company Happy Madison is heading into territory not so unknown to the actor and producer (a big basketball fan, as evidenced by the sheer number of cameos in the film), and Sandler quietly displays his craft.

Claw Yes, it’s a regular movie, but there’s something about it that comes through the screen. Drama is not perceived as a betrayal of humor, does not ignore thick episodes, and comedy paints all the frames of a sports odyssey of training and fights. What works is not so much the relationship between Bo Cruz (Hernangomes) and Stanley (Sandler), despite the fact that the Utah jazz player does make his debut and there is an acceptable exchange (if not chemistry) between them, but rather that it is beautiful reflects the circumstances common to the two characters. And here we must make a second mention of the star Adam Sandlerwho brings to his role as a veteran that growing stoicism and commendable humility that propels the film to a level beyond mere entertainment.

There are plenty of sequences in the film that are pure formula, but they seem to be dressed in an enchanting spirit that manages to surpass the proper imagery created by director Jeremy Zaga. The work ethic reflected in the film is as comforting as the fleeting presence of a veteran like Robert Duvall. A metaphor for being in a game that offers Clawearning a place on a team, validating one’s identity, is a vital meditation that anyone can use on their playing field.

Talon will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 10th.


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