Adam Levine’s former yoga teacher goes further: ‘He treated me like trash’

AS WELL AScome if Adam Levine didn’t physically cheat on his wife with all these women coming forward, that’s already a PR nightmare for him. Before all this happened brown 5 the frontman was considered one of America’s greatest sweethearts. Now that the truth is out, he has proven that no one in the entertainment industry is safe.

Although these stories have not been proven by anyone, too many performances by women prove that Adam Levine at least flirted with all of them. This is where the stupid debate comes in from all the men who flirt behind the backs of their wives and girlfriends. Look no further, flirting is definitely cheating and any woman will tell you that it is. Of all the allegations, the singer’s former yoga teacher had the most embarrassing story.

Sumner Straw claims Adam Levine cheated on Behati Prinsloo with her

Alanna Zabel speaks to the press

In an interview with daily mail,Alanna Zabel said: “This is not about a love affair or obscene lyrics, but about being a decent person. Friends don’t treat each other like used trash, and that’s how he treated me. I felt like we cared about each other and he froze me at a very frustrating time. Adam asked this influencer if he could name his child after her, I saw it in a completely different light and decided it was finally time to share it.

“If I wanted to get my 15 minutes of fame, I would have made it public a long time ago. It’s simple. Don’t be a jerk. their appearance. And for God’s sake, please be a role model for your girls. Children learn much more from what they see than from what they are told.”

Despite Levin himself showed that he didn’t cheat physically, there’s probably no going back from that tainted image he ends up with. rock stars pop stars like Levin often succumb to their popularity and make the wrong choice in moments of weakness. That is exactly what happened to him.