Actress Denise Richards after trying Only fans: I show my breasts and vagina, sometimes you have to go a little further…


HeyIt’s been three months since the actress Denise Richards plunged into the world only fanswhere her daughter had already begun to indulge.

The 51-year-old woman summed up how she feels.

She is doing well thanks to the acceptance of her followers, which was not the case with her daughter as she received a lot of criticism at the time she took the plunge.

At that time, her daughter Sami, from her relationship with Charlie Sheen, decided at the age of 18 to embark on this path and received a lot of criticism. Her mother came to her defense.

“She is 18 years old and her decision does not depend on the house in which she lives. All I can do as a mother is to trust her opinion, but she makes her own decisions,” said Denise Richards.

On the contrary, she has not received as much criticism for entering the industry.

In fact, Richards was interviewed on The Jeff Lewis Show on Sirius XM Radio and talked about her experience.

“I’ve been a bikini model, a lingerie model, and now I’m into sexier things because I think ‘why not’ if I can go beyond the more modest content that I have on my Instagram,” she adds. She’s not shy about uploading much more explicit content, showing images and videos of her naked.

“I show my breasts and my vagina and you can find it there if you google it. Sometimes you need to go a little further, at least once.”

Husband Aaron films her video

On top of all this, she has someone at home who helps her. Her husband Aaron: “Aaron records a lot of my content. He knows what men can like, I show him things and ask him what he thinks.


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