Actors and singers who invent eccentricities to make themselves more interesting


The Rolling Stones require during their tours to have a hotel bar where they are located is open 24 hours a day. julia robert keep skin youthful requires mineral water to flow from faucets. Jack Nicholson for filming every time the Lakers play so he can watch them. These are just some of the celebrity eccentricities from both film and music. Are they real or made up? Or, even worse, created by an actor or singer to sound more interesting.

A frame from “Nowhere Inn”

that’s what he’s referring to Nowhere Inna film narrated as a mockumentary that has just been released Movistar+. Filmed in the film famous singer Saint Vincent, winner of several Grammy and Independent Music Awards. AT Nowhere Inn a lot of self-parody.

St. Vincent is just a stage name, Annie Clark stands behind him, both in life and in movies. Nowhere Inn begins with Annie instructing her best friend Carrie Brownstein to do documentary about the tour in support of his new album: “Mass Education”. The problem is that Annie Clark is boring and Carrie, who finally hopes to make it big with this documentary, soon realizes that she has recorded hours and hours of Annie playing video games, reading on the bus on her way to a new concert, or exercising. Like the son of any neighbor. But she wants rock and roll, eccentricity.

A frame from “Nowhere Inn”

Annie tries, but the transgressive image of her alter ego, Saint Vincent, always remains on stage. After listening to a conversation that describes her as a sleeping pill in real life, she decides to act off stage, creating surreal situations, giving the audience what she’s looking for. Thus, Hotel Nowhere, which was presented at the Sundance festival, explores topics such as fame and personality with humor who chose to live with an alter ego. Ideas of reality, identity and authenticity will become increasingly distorted and alien. In the end, the question is whether the star in question is eccentric by nature enough to put on a show and be talked about, or is it pure marketing.

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Cyber ​​Hell – Netflix

In this feature documentary, the director Choi Jin Sung tells the story of two female students.a group of journalists and police officers specializing in cybercrime who investigated “Room N”, criminal online network dedicated to sexual exploitation. Using interviews, archival footage, animation and re-enactment, the film shows how several women and girls compelled to publish explicit personal material in Telegram chats, and the instigators of the conspiracy they profited by charging thousands of cryptocurrency users they wanted access. This is the story of one of South Korea’s most shocking digital crimes, an era of digital anonymity that made it easier to commit, and the victims who dared to speak up to bring down the organization.

Fuck Love Again – Netflix

In this romantic comedy, several friends with failed personal lives try to help each other…but they don’t always succeed. Future bride Kiki and her friends Lisa and Angela head to Ibiza for an unforgettable lonely vacation. This is what is happening, but not in the way they planned.

On her first night on the island where all the parties take place, Angela in bed with exciting Javierwho is actually pretending to be something he is not. Lisa’s relationship with Jim has recently ended, so it’s nice to be Noah’s charmed childhood friend until Jim shows up out of nowhere to confess his love to her. And Kiki, well, she’s going to marry Johnny, isn’t she? Except he starts to wonder if he should.

For her part, Bo is fed up with Sayid, so she’s done with him. Despite her attempts to win him back, she seems to fall in love with the artist. And the most confusing situation is the love triangle formed by Cindy, Jack and Monica. Cindy will have a child with Jack, who runs in a panic into the arms of Monica, who also becomes pregnant by him. When two women meet by chance at a children’s store, Jack becomes entangled in their lies…

Frame ‘To hell with love…again’

Valet – Disney+

Olivia (Samara Weaving) famous actress faces media crisis when the photographer hunts her with Vincent (Max Greenfield), her married lover.. Antonio (Eugenio Derbez), his valet, randomly appears in the same photo and – thus – uses him as a false boyfriend. The trick results in the worker becoming the center of attention and causing delusional situations. In this romantic comedy, two very different worlds and cultures collide as Olivia and Antonio begin to get to know each other deeply.

Chip & Chop: Rescue Guardians – Disney+

Both Disney’s famous Chipmunks take a new turn in their adventures when they take the lead a small group of animals in charge of fighting crime. The group consists of two mice, Hackwrench Nut and Monterey Jack, and a Zipper fly.

Like for Like – Netflix

Lola (Victoria Justice), aggressive wine company sales manager from Los Angeles quit his job to start his own wine distributor and He takes a plane ticket to rural Australia to negotiate with his first potential client.: Vaughn family wines. Unfortunately for Lola, Vaughn’s family is not interested in doing business with such a young company.

Determined to prove his worth, Lola volunteers to fill a vacant day laborer position at Vaughn’s sheep farm. At first, she doesn’t seem to be made for the hard work of fixing fences and herding sheep, but she and handsome farm manager Max (Adam Demos) become friends when he trains her. As they get to know each other, Lola discovers that with her newfound love for Max, Australia has given her much more than just a passion for the business. But will Max’s secrets keep Lola from reaping the rewards of this romantic seed?

The Last Son – Movistar+

Sam Worthington and rapper/actor Coulson Baker (better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly) star in this twilight western about a tortured gunfighter determined to end it all.

Curse it it is illegal that before he dies he must arrest his sonthat was become a wilder and more brutal killer than he ever was. Outlaw Isaac LeMay (Worthington) is on his last legs, hunted like a dog. At the same time, his son named Cal (Machine Gun Kelly) leaves a trail of blood and destruction wherever he goes.

Frame “The Last Son”


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