Actor Chete Lera dies in traffic accident in Malaga


Actor Chete Lera (La Estrada, Pontevedra; 1949) died this Thursday in Malaga in a traffic accident. It happened in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria and, according to the emergency service of the Junta of Andalusia, his car ran off the road and fell from a height of about 50 meters into a dry river bed on Calle del Rio, next to a kindergarten . region. The medical services were only able to ascertain the death of the driver and the only passenger of the car at the scene of the accident.

An interpreter for names like lred squirrel, Secrets of the heart or Family I was 72 years old. He worked as an aeronautical engineer and bank clerk before becoming an actor. He participated in alternative theater productions and made his film debut with red squirrel from Julius Medem. On television, he has appeared in series such as Thieves go to the office in 1994 or Family doctor at 98.

By order Fernando Leon de Aranoa I work in Family D District. He also played supporting roles in open your eyes from Alejandro Amenabar D secrets of the heart from Moncho Armendariz.

In the late 1990s he worked with Isiar Bollen in flowers from another world and got good reviews smoking roomJ. D. Wallowitz and Roger Gual.


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