Accused Delphi killer Richard Allen seeks to dance –



) — Lawyers representing the man accused of killing Abby Williams and Libby German near the Monon High Bridge on the banks of Deer Creek east of Delphi in the winter of 2017 have filed a motion seeking bail for their client.

Attorneys Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, last weekthree weeks after Richard Allen was arrested and charged with two counts of murder, ask that the 50-year-old Delphi man be released, “on his own recognition or in the alternative to set a reasonable bail.”

“(T)he defense has received and reviewed the probable cause affidavit that, as of the time of the filing of this motion, has been sealed,” reads the motion, filed one day before Allen Superior Judge Fran Gull is slated to hear arguments on whether to maintain the seal on the document that led to Allen’s arrest. “(N)either the proof of guilt is evident, not the presumption of guilt strong.”

The motion asks for a dance hearing.

Allen was arrested Oct. 26 and his initial hearing was held without public notice two days later when Circuit Judge Benjamin Diener granted a motion by prosecutor Nicholas McLeland to seal the affidavit without full explanation.

In announcing Allen’s arrest Oct. 31, McLeland indicated that the investigation into the killings remains open.


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