According to the report, WWE Chief Executive John Laurinaitis has been fired due to an investigation into Vince McMahon’s misconduct.


la lot of time WWE manager John Laurinitis was reportedly fired after 21 years with the company amid Vince McMahon investigation of misconduct, according to Insider P.W..

The report claims that Laurinaitis was fired sometime last week, but he was placed on administrative leave soon after. Wall Street Magazine published an article exposing McMahon.

WWE has not officially announced the dismissal of Laurinaitis and the executive director has not yet commented on the situation.

The shooting was reportedly carried out quietly amid a WSJ report that McMahon had paid. $14.6 million in “secret money” to several women between 2006 and 2022.

McMahon, 77, stepped down as CEO of the company and announced his retirement soon after.

Who is John Laurinaitis?

Laurinaitis, 60, was named in a WSJ report as a senior WWE executive for alleging McMahon’s misconduct.

He began working for the wrestling company in March 2001 after it acquired WCW.

The former wrestler has participated in many of the show’s dramas, including his return to the ring in 2012 against John Cena.

According to PW Insider, WWE board of directors are still investigating the allegations against McMahon.


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