According to the report, James Harden will be taking lower pay to help the Sixers through the offseason.

Tits summer James Harden has a player option that would secure it $47 million for next season. However, given his current form, all signs point to the player trying to negotiate a long-term extension.

Just a year ago, the Nets discussed with him an extension of the maximum salary, but perhaps something has changed for Harden. As Sam Amick points out in The Athletic, the player is thinking about giving up these giant numbers for a long-term contract.

Harden would make a lot of money

If James ends up giving up his player option, the Sixers could offer him a total of $270 million over five years. He will receive 61 million in 2026-27 when he will 37 years. That figure obviously far exceeds Harden’s current performance, who despite continuing to leave All-Star numbers is far from being the differentiating factor he was.

So it’s not surprising that Sam Amick is hinting that the franchise felt the player would accept an offer well below that maximum. “No one knows him better than Maury,” the journalist said.

An incredible amount would be a serious sacrifice for the 66ers, who have yet to face $195 million which Joel Embiid will receive between 2023 and 2027. If Harden is really willing to pay that much, it will be a huge lifeline for Philadelphia. Perhaps he saw wolf ears and does not want to check what they offer him there.

Harden numbers

“Beard” average 18.8 points per game and 9.5 assists, 40.2 percent shooting from the field. He shoots 34.8% from depth, a decent rate, almost six times a game, his passing would be higher, but his teammates are not scoring.


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