According to the military, the overthrown Sudanese prime minister had “unrestricted” freedom


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The deposed prime minister of Sudan Abdullah Hamdok After his team condemned him for being released without restriction on the second day of his detention, he went home with his wife this Tuesday afternoon. Military coup, According to reports Effie Military source.

“Hamdok and his wife returned to their place of residence in the outskirts of Kafury in the north of Khartoum. There were no restrictions on their movements or communications,” said a source in the Army Commander’s Office. Abdelfattah Burhan, Who requested anonymity.

The former prime minister’s residence was guarded by security personnel, but this was for his own protection. The informant added that in this way, he said that Al Burhan had fulfilled his promise at the press conference a few hours ago. .

On October 16, the Sudanese army was in front of the Presidential Palace in Khartoum.


Information Department of the Council of Ministers Disbanded by the military on Monday On the same day, he condemned Hamdock for being detained and missing after rejecting the coup, but this Tuesday, the military leader assured him that he was in his home.

“No one kidnapped or beat him; he is in my house”Al Burhan said at a press conference in Khartoum that after his arrest with his wife earlier on Monday, he promised that “when the situation calms down and peace is achieved, he will go home”.

“The Prime Minister is with me at my home, he leads a normal life”Al Burhan said that he pointed out that “he has no pressure.”

Regarding the other members of the government and the Sovereignty Council, they are the highest authority in the transition process. They are composed of soldiers and civilians detained during the coup. Al Burhan stated that if charges are brought against them, they will be tried and, otherwise, they will be tried. released.

Hamdock and other political figures who arrested the country during the coup have received widespread military condemnation. Many countries and institutions, including the United States, the European Union, or the African Union, have called for their release.


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