According to Hispania Nostra, one thousand Spanish monuments are about to disappear.

Inestrillas Palace in Aguilar del Rio Alhama in La Rioja. | File

According to the “Red List of Heritage”, which is now one thousand Spanish monuments, they are endangered. Hispania nostra, a non-profit public association whose purpose is to protect, preserve and enhance the cultural and natural heritage of Spain.

This Red List, compiled in 2007, includes those elements of Spanish cultural heritage that are at risk of extinction, destruction or significant alteration of their values ​​in order to make them known and achieve their consolidation or restoration, Hispania Nostra said in a statement.

This week he reached the thousandth monument with the inclusion of Cuadrilleros hermitage, in Ledesme (Salamanca), a small 12th century temple, which is in a state of progressive destruction, and the roof of part of the building has already collapsed.

For autonomous communities and cities, Castile and León tops the list with 356 sites, followed by Andalusia (166); Castile-La Mancha (115); Aragon (104); Extremadura (70); Galicia (63); Valencian Community (62); Mercia (47); Cantabria (44); Madrid and Asturias (30); Catalonia and Navarra (28); Basque Country (22); La Rioja (18); Canary Islands (13); Balearic Islands and Melilla (3) and Ceuta (2).

“Red List” This is made from complaints that citizens send to Hispania Nostra. and analyzed by the scientific committee of the association.

In addition to the “Red List”, there is also a “Green List”, which includes assets that have been removed from the former because the risk they presented after the intervention disappears. Currently, there are 181 monuments.

Secondly there is also a “Black List” this includes all assets that have been removed from the Red List because they have disappeared or their core value has been irreversibly altered. At the moment there are 11 monuments on this list.

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