Abandonment in studies and an influencer: this is what the nephews of Felipe VI do


The nephews of King Felipe VI have followed radically different paths to the expected, dropout in the studies and an influencer are the most visible faces of these real relatives. The Borbón family has been in the eye of the hurricane for years, before Philip Y Letizia They will marry and have daughters, the king’s sisters, they were the ones who received all the media attention. His children are also in the line of succession or have been, with which, they are part of this dynasty whose formation of its members is very different today.

This is what the nephews of Felipe VI do

The Marichalar Borbón are the nephews of Felipe VI that we know the most, the older ones and in a certain way those that have eclipsed the younger ones. froilan He is named after his uncle Felipe and without the male line that keeps the eldest Elena off the throne, he might even have been king. A young man who abandoned his studies and who is not known for a trade or benefit.

His little sister, Victoria Federica, follows the same path as her brother. She has enrolled in Marketing at a prestigious business school that he does not attend. Her career as an influencer and fashion expert is taking off. Thanks to her last name, she can boast of having a comfortable life and attending the main fashion shows in the world.

Secondly, are the Urdangarin Bourbon. The children of Iñaki and Cristina are the least known nephews. Irene is the little one who is currently finishing high school, although it is a bit difficult for her and her grades are not good. Her older siblings, by contrast, can boast of a college education and a love of sports that they inherited from her father.

Juan has studied at the University of Essex, then decided to volunteer for two years in Cambodia for an NGO. Pablo studies sports business administration at a prestigious private business school in Barcelona. He is a professional athlete and perhaps one of the children of Iñaki and Cristina who receives the most sympathy.

Miguel studies Marine Sciences in Great Britain, is the most applied of all. Your notes are excellent. Despite everything they have experienced with her father in prison, the 4 children of the Infanta Cristina have remained at the foot of the canyon with their obligations, studying, doing sports or volunteering.


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