A woman stole more than 600,000 U.S. dollars from her husband to convince him that he has Alzheimer’s disease


Connecticut woman, 63-year-old Donna Marino (Donna Marino) was arrested by the police for robbery of her husband US$600,000,000, Make him believe that he suffered Alzheimer’s disease.

For more than 20 years, women manipulated her husband and lied to him to make him believe that he was sick.Donna Forged husband’s signature on various documents Steal the husband’s pension check, social security check, work-related injury compensation and other funds, and deposit the money in a secret bank account.

The woman told investigators that she had concealed the theft for many years, partly because Convince her husband that he has Alzheimer’s disease, Believe that it will prevent you from questioning financial wrongdoing.

It was the victim’s daughter who started to suspect after discovering the problem Bank notes that father didn’t know. The man was frightened by the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease because he was living with his mother under the influence of this disease.

The husband who had filed for a divorce went to the authorities to report suspected fraud in March 2020. The woman appeared in court on Thursday and was charged with first-degree robbery with a bail of $25,000.


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