A video of an unarmed man being killed by police in bed evokes outrage and memories of Breonna Taylor’s death.


TI have ‘Black Lives Matter’ the movement, unfortunately, will have another victim for which justice must be sought. His name Donovan Lewis and he was only 20 years old. On August 30, Colombus, Ohio police were serving an arrest warrant, and a police officer opened the bedroom door and instantly shot and killed a shirtless young man. Lewis was unarmed, and the cop who shot him later claimed he mistook the vape pen he was lying next to for a weapon.

Body camera images are very difficult to see, and the wounded victim is handcuffed by a group of officers at the residence. After the fact, they also told the dying person to “stop resisting.”

According to local non-profit OFUPAK (Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change), 659 Ohioans have been killed by police officers since 2000. This is an alarming figure, which averages 30 per year.

A reminder of the tragic death of Breonna Taylor in 2020.

Breonn Taylor and #TellHerName campaigns were at the forefront BLM movement in 2020. Along with George FloydTaylor has been one of the most visible faces in protests across the country and WNBA-2020 season even celebrated in her honor. in Louisville, Kentuckya medical worker was fired upon five times by the police in her apartment.

Taylor, like Donovan Lewis, was also killed in a failed police raid. Now the hashtag #SayHisName is starting to gain popularity after Columbus Police body camera footage has been released.

Before Lewis was shot, two people were detained in the apartment. The police then continued their search. Lewiswho had outstanding domestic violence and assault warrants and slept in his bedroom.

“GoFundMe” was opened to pay for his funeral expenses

Amy, close friend Lewis family created to the GoFundMe page the victim of the shooting to pay for the cost of his funeral. In it, she does not elaborate further on the incident, but goes on to explain what the family is going through.

“As most of you know, Rebecca’s son Donovan was killed early in the morning August 30. As you can imagine, this is absolutely devastating as no mother should ever bury her child. The cost of that alone was certainly not what she was prepared for. We hope we can take some of the burden off her so she can mourn and be close to her other children. Any donation, no matter the amount, will be greatly appreciated,” the statement said.


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