A thief in a ninja costume in France wounded two policemen with a katana


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On Thursday, two French police officers were stabbed with a knife Cherbourg, Normandy, FranceAccording to the French Information Station, they intervened in the theft of a vehicle by a man disguised as a ninja and armed with a samurai sword.

Minister of the Interior, Gerald Damanen, Said on his Twitter account this afternoon that two police officers were injured while trying to prevent the theft of the vehicle in Cherbourg.

“My support for the national police,” Dammanen wrote after the strange attempted robbery.

According to French radio, agents intervened at a gas station in a shopping mall About 15:45 Local time, an armed man disguised as a ninja discovered that a gray Citroen C3 vehicle had been stolen.

The thief allegedly attacked the two policemen in the face when they arrived at the scene. The third policeman responded by shooting at the man, the latterHe was seriously injured He had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter.


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