A Tale of Two Women: “The Tsar of Russian Pop” and “Putin’s Iron Doll”


Russia’s campaign in Ukraine failed It’s an uncontrollable noise. In recent weeks, following the successful Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv, many voices have questioned more or less explicitly Vladimir Putin In the imperialist nonsense leaked in all directions.

China, India and Turkey have They have expressed their concerns to the Russian president Through the development of events in Ukraine.The offensive, which has not made any significant progress, has stalled, not only Loyalty tested International leaders traditionally attached to Putin.

Also cute to the president Internal Critical Front: Nearly a hundred MPs and representatives have accused a war whose only achievement was drying up the Russian economy and claiming tens of thousands of lives, especially among the Russian military.

But, ironically, the most infamous questioning of Putin’s leadership did not come up anyone with political responsibility nor effective power, But a pop diva.

Those who conquer a country with an iron fist tend to forget Has power beyond weapons, while the social influence of cultural figures may be more effective than the naked brute force of tyrants.who knows the statement of the music star Alla Pugacheva Opposition to invasion of Ukraine will not be the last push indifferent people’s opposition Against the militant delusions of its president.

The “traitor” decorated by Putin

Pugacheva is probably celebrity Most popular not only in Russia today, but also in the former Soviet Union.Therefore, the artist represents most famous people in russia So far, he has spoken out against “special military operations” in Ukraine.

Pugacheva made a fiery post on her Instagram profile, which has 3.5 million followers, on Sunday, saying her countrymen were dying “For illusory goals”He added that the war “is turning our country into pariah and making the lives of our citizens worse.”

The singer has only now spoken about the invasion of Ukraine.yes her husband did it, comedian Maxim Galkin, in the Kremlin’s crosshairs. For this reason, the pop star sympathized with him, demanding that it be extended to her as well. Designation of a “foreign agent” Criticize Galkin’s criticism of the war. The label, inherited from the Soviet totalitarian approach, is a preamble to condemn the regime’s exclusion of the motherland and accusations of treason.

[Putin, acorralado dentro y fuera de Ucrania, emula las levas de Stalin y los referendos de Hitler]

But it will not be easy for a Russian dictator, even with all the machinery to manipulate and persecute dissidents, to sow rejection of a prestigious artist among his citizens. Over 250 million records sold all over the world. Pugacheva knew Putin and met him several times. And it was the Russian president who awarded him the Order of Merit to the Fatherland in 2014.

Not only that.Pop diva also for Gorbachev Yes YeltsinThe superstar enjoys almost legendary status among his compatriots, is ubiquitous in his country’s music scene, and is part of Russia’s cultural heritage.That’s why your words caused a national scandaland it is foreseeable that they will have a major impact on Russian public opinion.

Alla Pugacheva pictured with Vladimir Putin in 2014.


However, this is not the first time “The Tsar of Russian Pop” Expressing political views, or causing hostility from their political leaders.

Born in Moscow in 1949, Pugacheva began her career in the Soviet Union in 1960. She represented Russia at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest, where the so-called “lead songstress” emerged from the grim communist bloc as the only great musical diva, preaching a gesture of openness and tolerance more than most. Recognized by the leaders of the Soviet Union at the time. In 2014, he signed a petition against the annexation of Crimea and the Donbas war.

The ‘Queen of Russian Songs’ spent almost as long with the citizens of the former Soviet Union as the queen Isabelle II to the British.It is to coincide with the funeral, the popular host of Russian public television Olga Skabeyeva He poured out all his gall on Western countries, acting as the spokesperson for another “Russian soul” that coexisted with the dignity of opponents such as Pugacheva.

Kremlin anti-Westernism spokesman

talk show host 60 minutesnickname “Putin’s Iron Doll”Last Wednesday showed favorable Russia launches nuclear strike on Britaintaking advantage of the fact that all Western leaders gathered in London for the Queen’s funeral.

Skabeyeva is called “Propaganda Chief” of Moscow. The journalist, who was born in Volgograd in 1984, is part of a Russian government-controlled media outlet that has been banned from using the word “war” to refer to the invasion of Ukraine.The Kremlin’s unofficial spokeswoman is already known around the world for her inflammatory and heartfelt messages Supports the invasion of Ukraine and replicates Putin’s arguments for his expansionism point by point on state television.

His name is listed along with Russian oligarchs and politicians List of Sanctioned Persons It was frozen by the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom in March, and its assets were frozen.It was Skabyeva and her husband, the Duma representative, who jointly owned Yevgeny Popov300 million rubles property in Moscow.

Popov received direct funding of 40 million rubles worth of campaign coverage from Putin’s party, United Russia.Kremlin won’t underpay its spokesman: According to an expertSkabeyeva and Popov They earn 13 million rubles a year.

She starred in the TV “Pearl” in smear campaign In a 2018 UK survey, the poisoning of opponents was proven.Skabeyeva described this information as a “detailed British conspiracy defaming Russia”.

When the world learned of the Buddha massacre last April, Skabyeva argued that the corpses that could be seen on the street they are actually actorsand accused Ukraine of releasing footage of Forged.

More recently, he said that any attack on them with Western weapons following the referendum on annexing Russian-speaking territories in Ukraine “would amount to an attack on Russiawith absolutely all consequences.”

It was Skabyeva who had been using her talk show as a media terminal from which to play Militant, ultra-nationalist and anti-Western rhetoric of the Kremlin.It has been supporting the argument that Russia is not leading any war in Ukraine: what really happened is “The Third World War” NATO announced to Russia.

[Biden advierte a Putin en la ONU: “No permitiremos una guerra nuclear”]

At the time of his death, one of Isabel II’s greatest excesses was a film on his show in which a palatial lady in white was seen throwing food at a group of hungry and ragged children. certainly, That’s not the queenbut a shot taken in Vietnam in 1899.

Skabyeva and her modus operandi accusation and persecution Against the Russian political opposition, represents the antithesis of another woman who has used her popularity to condemn the brutality and perversion of humanitarian atrocities in Ukraine.

In the face of the “popular tsar of Russia”, “Putin’s iron doll” put its prestige in the service of this game that also depends on Misinformation and manipulation. Two women, two different uses. Two souls of contemporary Russia.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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