A student named Leonor: the princess’s “other back to school”


Leonor enters the countdown to her new school stage Welsh Atlantic College It has already started.There is less than a week before the Princess of Asturias attends classes at the famous education center. The classroom of Princess Elizabeth, a Belgian, has recently passed, where she will reunite with the second daughter of the King of the Netherlands. Princess alexia.

Princess Leonor at the last beginning of September last year / Gtres

For now, there are not many data on this new stage of Leonor’s formation. This is to a certain extent after her father, King Felipe, and her grandmother. Queen SophiaThe princess will study two years before leaving home to enter the university. In an international environment, she will be able to meet students from different regions and conditions in the world, many of whom have already entered the center due to scholarships.

Unlike her father, Leonor will study a two-year International Baccalaureate program. At that time, the Prince of Asturias only studied abroad last year, which is the so-called COU. He did this at Lakefield College in Ontario, a center governed by the principles of the German educator Kurt Hahn (Kurt Hahn) Goldnorstrom (Gordnostroun) or the founder of Salem Boarding School where Doña Sofía himself attended. Schools of UWC, an organization of Atlantic College, are also managed by this system.

Leonor will be away from home for two years / Gtres

In addition to his academic training, in this new stage, Leonor will have the opportunity to develop other aspects of her life. At the center, they attach great importance to what they call extracurricular activities and sports. Volunteer service and personal development are areas of concern. In this regard, we must add that it is not a school that advises students to memorize the syllabus effortlessly, but a school that encourages reflection and exchange of ideas.

Regarding topic selection, The princess will have to choose among several groups, This will determine their training, although in her case, unlike other students, Leonor has no choice when deciding what she wants to commit to, because her path has been marked.

Princess Eleanor, Princess Sofia
This new phase is very important for Leonor / Gtres

Activities carried out after class are crucial because they are conducive to personal development. Providing some kind of help to the community in the form of voluntary service is essentialEither cooperate to take care of the children or the elderly, teach lessons, help the swimming pool to be a lifeguard… The king’s eldest daughter will have to choose the many options that best suit her taste and preferences.

When the course started, we waited to see if any photos of Leonor were released in this new stage, and we recalled in the gallery that some of the courses of the princess so far started.

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