A sniper kills two Russian soldiers with the 2nd furthest shot in history: 2,710 meters

The Ukrainian Army claims that one of his snipers has killed two Russian soldiers from 9,000 feet away, what would become the second farthest shot ever in combat.

As reported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on its Telegram channel, “the occupant was eliminated by an accurate shot at 2,710 meters, a distance that occupies the second place in the world ranking of combat shooting“.

The record is for a Canadian sniper who shot an Islamic State terrorist at a distance of 3,540 meters in Iraq in 2017.

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A Ukrainian sniper kills a Russian soldier with the second farthest shot in history

In a 24-second video published by Ukraine, you can see how the Ukrainian sniper, whose identity has not been disclosed, is still via night vision camera the movements of a Russian soldier behind the trees. At one point, fix the gun sight on him, shoot and fall down.

A few seconds later, the sniper’s thermal camera shows another soldier Russian running, apparently, towards his partner to help him. The sniper resets the gun and fires, thus killing the other soldier.

Although Ukraine has not reported where the events occurred or what weapon was used, if the distance at which the two Russian soldiers were killed is confirmed, the Ukrainian sniper would surpass the British Craig Harrisonfrom the UK Army’s RHG/D Blues and Royals division, which killed two Taliban at 2,475 meters in Afghanistan in 2009.

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Users of social networks question these videos, stating that most of the thermal scopes would not have been able to detect the Russian soldiers at that distance.

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