A series that satirizes the “flowery” capitalism of the New Left.


In the world of cool companies, woke upurban, inclusive and galactic, We are working it was the queen. we crashedthe ironic title of an Apple series starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, replete with the exquisite craftsmanship of other “premium” products from a platform that began its journey with morning show. It turned out to be a satire on the business world after the crisis of 2008, when everything changed so that everything remained the same: in the days of the UPI world, good ideology, new corporatism (based on sentimental voids, like the protagonist’s marriage) only changed the money language of the Reagan era into the language of inclusion and love, or as they said at the end poltergeistthey took the graves and forgot to transport the corpses.

A new generation of entrepreneurs, perfectly embodied Jared Leto, an actor with a Christian appearance, perfect for the role of the lovable Israeli singer-songwriter. When the viewer reaches the third chapter of Wecrashed, the series distances itself a little from the chronicle of the Wall Street show, an aspect in which it is interesting, if rather conventional, to immerse us in the familiar details of the character. Ann Hataway. And this is where the series was piloted (in the first three episodes) by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Philip Morris I love you) really just took off.

we crashed It is a chronicle of a company that has grown beyond its means and also a dream come true. But if it stands out from other more or less standard and moralizing Wall Street stories, it’s because it addresses the psychological mother of the subject’s lamb (and does so in a dynamic and entertaining way). What is Adam Neumann, the creator of the co-working space that has become a $47 billion global brand, really selling? What feeling – other than ambition – is driving you, what void are you trying to fill in yourself and society that you really gave the impression that you bought something?

A new level of emotional capitalism, a new bubble of optimism based on non-existence, in which money turns from something real into a kind of imaginary entity to play with, and a series with an acceptable level of jokes at the expense of Gwyneth Paltrow’s page. women’s site (Rebecca, played by Hathaway, was actually the cousin of the actress from Seven). Hathaway, by the way, easily becomes the best performer of the entire series, even when she is forced to remain in the shadow of her “partner”.

bitterness we crashed it’s the frustration that comes from thinking about what this co-working space Adam imagined is, if it represents anything real. A place meant (as they say) to feel, meet, fall in love, have fun, work and live. A rather childish attempt to comprehend the world, to transform the environment, having no idea what to do with it. A desperate escape from the pain hidden behind the slogans of good that abound in New Left paraphernalia.

It follows from overwhelming logic that after we crashed there is Lee Eisenberg, a native of the quarry of the American version office. Because Wework continues to be just another office designed like a schoolyard, only set in the real world, not the sitcom world. Sometimes it’s a pity the show doesn’t take the most grotesque route, the path that Scorsese took. The wolf of Wall Streetbut more balanced between comedy and drama, but it is what it is and Wecrashed aims to develop it well.

The series is at its best when it delves into the psychology of the characters and why they do what they do, something that even they don’t seem to know very well. And, of course, when he resorts to a not-so-subtle irony: a concert conceived as an apology for social change ends with a large bottle of alcohol and drugs, or a portrait of a dreamer fighting the system … the system is now one with common sense, as if with a gloomy reverse amazing mind in question are just some of its points of interest.


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