A series about the adventures of a sensual American vampire in France


Anyone wishing to delve into a slightly different type of series can resort to Irma Vepmini-series Olivier Assayas which adapts its own film from the 1990s and which in turn is a “cinema within a cinema” (or “series within a series”) story, telling how an old French TV series is remaked. Available in hbo max.

Great hero, great Alice Vikanderwho showcases all of her weapons as an actress here, including stunning cuteness, to take on the role of an American movie star who decides to face European filming by playing the “vampire” from the old Feuillade series. We will explain this in more detail in the video you can find above..

Alicia Vikander in Irma Vep | hbo max

Anyway, Irma Vep it’s far from the American series, good or bad, that we’re used to seeing, and contains some fascinating passages about artistic creation. Compiled from sentimental or labor episodes during the making of the series, Assayas makes an interesting speech about American and European (or French) culture, their forms of expression, as well as relationships.

Watch (Alice Vikander) is a movie star disillusioned with both her career and her recent breakup. He arrives in France to embody Irma Vep in the film adaptation of the French silent film classic Vampires. As filming progresses, Mira finds that the lines between her and the character she plays begin to blur and merge.


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