A real movie about vampires, not like the vegetarians in Twilight.


AT vampires continue to play a big role in movies and fortunately not all Twilight with these vegetarian bloodsuckers. Actually in Day shiftnew from Netflix about vampires, there is a direct joke to the supposedly vampire saga, but it is more romantic than anything else.

AT Day shift we can see Jamie Fox playing humble working father who works hard as a pool cleaner to pass on his 8-year-old daughter’s pension to his ex-wife. Nonetheless, his job as a pool cleaner in the San Fernando Valley it’s just a cover your real business, hunt and kill vampires. The problem is, in order to make money, you have to belong to an international syndicate of blood-sucking hunters, and Bud (Jamie Foxx) has been expelled for his unorthodox methods.

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As if Bud didn’t have enough problems, like trying not to get bitten by the vampires he hunts, his ex-wife gives him an ultimatum, or in a week he returns pensions or takes his daughter with her family to the other end of the country. This will make Bud beg the union to take him back, no one pays as well as they do. To do this, he will be helped by Big John Elliott, a true union legend played by a rapper and actor. Snoop Dogg.

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Bud will only be reinstated for going hand in hand with Big, but yes, he will have supervising a union member with no field experienceSet (Dave Franco). He will also be given a shift that no one wants, a day shift, and obviously there will be a large organization of vampires that will cross his path. Mexican among vampires Karla Souza curiously, the comedy will also premiere this week in Spain i’m going to have a good time.

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There is a lot of action in the film, in which we will watch how to kill vampires in the most unexpected and bloody ways. The humor is provided by Dave Franco’s character, a win-win in the field after starring in successful comedies such as damn neighbors or Now you see me. His clumsiness and nervousness in front of Jamie Foxx, an experienced hunter, will add a fair touch of humor.

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Jamie Foxx confirmed as an actor who can transition from comedy to action in superhero films or musicals like Annie without any complexes. An actor with an increasingly solid career.

Day shift It is entertaining and in it the viewer will find what it promises: vampires, action and blood, a lot of bloodsince it should actually be a good vampire movie, unless we’re talking about Twilight.

Other platform releases

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Director of blockbusters such as Conspiracy from panic or xxx: reactivated, dj carusotakes a step towards a more restrained “thriller” (inspired by panic room) with this film, in which a well-known independent film actor plays the role of a villain Vincent Gallo.

Filmed in one location close in this is tense and claustrophobic “home invasion” film in the center of which is Jessica, young former drug addict who lives with her young children on a farm his recently deceased grandmother. Jessica, penniless, is about to sell her property and start a new life when the children’s father, still addicted to drugs, shows up at the house.

Responsible for bringing the protagonist to life is Rainey Qualley (daughter of Andie MacDowell), a brave mother who wants to save herself from the temptations of her past life and her children from the invaders who hide on the other side of the door she cannot get through.

Until the end – Movistar Plus +

Audience Award at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, this dramatic thriller created by Darren Aronofskystarring professional boxer Kali Reis who steps out of the ring onto the big screen to solve the problem killings and disappearances of indigenous womenwhich he has condemned for years. Her performance in this film won the Jury Prize for Best Actress at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2021.

Under the leadership of a promising Joseph Kubota Vladyka (Dirty handsseries tokyo vice or narcos), To end focuses on Caylee’s story, former boxing champion who trains for the sole purpose of: look for his missing sisterwho little by little introduces her into the shady world of trafficking in women.

The screenplay for this gritty film is written by the director himself and is based on a story written by the protagonist Cali Reis, a descendant of Cape Verdeans and Native Americans who is active in the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement. (MMVIG).

to the end-movistar.jpg

13: The Musical – Netflix

After his parents’ divorce, 12-year-old Evan Goldman (Eli Golden) leaves New York with his motherJessica (Debra Messing). Your bar mitzvah is just around the corner, but being separated from his friends, father (Peter Hermann) and rabbi (Josh Peck) breaks his heart. However, upon arriving at his grandmother’s (Rhea Perlman) home in Walkerton, Indiana, Evan hatches a plan turn your bar mitzvah into a party to make friends. As a freshman navigating the complex social circles of his new high school, he soon realizes that he is not the only one facing typical high school stress.

I’m Groot – Disney+

I’m Groot, this is an animated series by-product guardians of the galaxy starring Groot at different stages of his life.

anthology five animated shorts who will tell us five different stories of a young man Groot who seems destined to get into trouble all the time. And how else, he will have the voice of Vin Diesel to express his eternal “I am Groot”. Recall that the mature Groot sacrificed himself in the first part guardians of the galaxy to protect his friends, respawning later from the branch. already in avengers infinity war we saw teenage Groot.

Thieves: The True Story of the Heist of the Century – Netflix

The documentary, directed by Matthias Galeburt and produced by Sebastian Gamba and Julián Russo, tells in exclusive interviews how it was made. the most famous bank robbery in Argentina. In 2006, a group of men broke into a Buenos Aires bank, took 23 people hostage, stole millions of dollars and jewelry from safes, and then disappeared. After the escape, the ex-wife of one of the thieves betrayed the criminals, who were tried and sentenced to prison terms. Eventually the sentences were reduced and today they are free. How did the protagonists of this fact get away with it? In this candid documentary, those in charge of the action go into all the details of how the perfect hit was produced.

In revealing interviews, the perpetrators of Argentina’s most famous bank robbery detailed how and why they pulled off the spectacular 2006 operation.


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